The PlayStation Vita Now Comes In Red And Blue

What, you didn't think Sony was going to let a press conference go by without announcing new PlayStation Vita colours, did you?

On sale November 15, Sony will be offering Japanese customers the Vita in Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue.

Shame there wasn't a gold or purple offered, like we saw last year, but there's always TGS 2013 for that!


    Whhhaaaatt why announce red now. I want red T.T

    No international dates for these huh?
    Is the vita region locked anyway?

      Not region locked, but DLC is locked to regional accounts and you have to do a factory reset to change account. So if you want to play games from different regions with different DLC you're in for a lot of waiting

        So I could probably order a red one from japan and just use an aus account and charger and would be sweet eh?

      Network Passes from another region can't be redeemed, I learn't the hard way after getting a US copy of Unit 13...

        But that is a PSN region restriction (b/c you can only link one PSN account to the system at a time) not a hardware limitation.

    Bleh hope more options come out later, I adore my lavender PSP-2000 <3

    Mo' games less colours.

    I don't want more Vita models, I want more Vita GAMES

    Blue looks very appealing. Now for the price drop and I'm in.

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