This Goldeneye 007 Postmortem Presentation Is Pretty Awesome

In 1997 it was possible for a game to arrive in stores, or arrive on the desk of reviewers worldwide, and be this incredible surprise attack you didn't see coming. Nowadays that might happen with an indie game, or something on iOS, but it never happens on consoles. There's too much at risk. This is why this Goldeneye 007 developer retrospective, by Martin Hollis, who worked on the game, is so interesting.

Recorded at GDC, this presentation has just been made available for free on GDC Vault, and it's pretty much a must watch for any fans of the game

It's a long video, over an hour long in fact, but Goldeneye really was one of those watershed console games. Well worth watching.


    But I don't have an hour =(

      Its broken down into topics if you just want to skip to the interesting bits.

    A great achievement and a great insight into how the game came to be.

    Demon/Dark Souls? Mark or what about Batman? There are a lot of triple A surprises

    Still so bummed that GoldenEye never saw a HD release on XBLA.

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