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What are your thoughts on the whole $100 fee for developers using Steam Greenlight? Personally, I think it's reasonable. Maybe a little too much. $50, or maybe even less, would suffice. That would most likely drive away the idiots and trolls spamming the site with joke applications and what not. But you don't care what I think — I'm not a developer! These guys are developers, and I want to hear their thoughts on the whole Greenlight saga.

This is awesome. City of Heroes is about to be shutdown. Active players are in the process of making a massive online stand, and have all moved to one single spot. This feels pretty important, and looks insane.

This is an interesting story about a Blizzard programmer who helped make the original Starcraft, this is a round up of all last week's business news, and these are all the ways you can destroy the undead in Resident Evil 6.

In Short This Week In Business: No Sex Please We're Gamers Here Are 19 Ways To Destroy The Undead In Resident Evil 6 City Of Heroes Protest Takes Its Case To City Hall Blizzard Programmer Talks About The Development Of The Original Starcraft Here's What Game Developers Think Of Steam Greenlight's $100 Fee


    About the whole Steam Greenlight thing, why not $100 upfront, and when it's confirmed that you're not a bogus entry, refund half of that and the other $50 goes to the charity as per current style.

    My personal view is with that of the other indie developers, where if you were serious (bad choice of word I know) about programming for a living, you should be able to find $100 to use as a work expense. If you don't have said $100, you can still program and create your game, maybe even use Kickstarter for the boost. You don't HAVE to put the game up on Steam.

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