Wii U Pricing For New Zealand Revealed

After Australia's (relatively) good news over a week ago, New Zealand was still left hankering after official pricing for the Wii U — but now my Kiwi brethren, you need wait no more. Nintendo has just announced how much you'll be paying for the console.

The Wii U Basic pack is being priced at NZ $469.95 while the premium pack is set to retail at NZ $569.95.

Interestingly Nintendo mentioned that the price was tied to exchange rates as of September 20, and that customers should "refer to stores for best possible price".

The release date is the same as in Australia, November 30, and as you expect the package is precisely the same as the one all other consumers around the world are being offered.


    The release date is September 30? November 30, surely?

      You obviously have no understanding of what Nintendo meant.

        The article has been updated. When it was first posted the last paragraph read "The release date is the same as in Australia, September 30..."

        I'm pretty sure that when Nintendo said it'd release on November 30 that they MEANT it would release on November 30. If my understanding of that was off, please correct me.

    Exchange rate on the 20th makes the premium pack NZD $541.56.

    Not a huge difference but given that they've made mention of the specific day the cost was converted, still a bit strange.

      Maybe based on the actual rate they would have got on that date, which might not have been exactly the same as the official rate?

      Buy-sell spread.

    Wow, I haven't paid much attention to the NZ fx rate for a long time. Their currency is crashing.

      I dont know that it's the NZD crashing. Against the AU its not looking real hot, but then neither is any other currency right now. AUD has been reaching for and hit stratospheric heights over the last few years. Leading almost directly to all those big international game studios pulling out of Australian based AAA.

    Nintendo Australia said that? Or is there a Nintendo NZ?

    Importing must suck for New Zealand. They need to develop some sort of Sheep-powered energy source, they'd make a fortune.

      I don't know if I'm allowed to say they first thought that came into my head but it involved sheep dangling from the ceiling and NZ'ers on treadmills.

        Not without being racist, but as long as you're cool with that...

          Is it still racist if you only had the thought because you know the stereotype but you don't actually put any stock in it yourself?

      You can laugh but us kiwis have managed to infiltrate every level of your countries infrastructure. Soon all your sheep will belong to us

    He was talking about exchange rates not the release of wii u.it says September 20 not. 30 nothing todo with October 30

    Oh my. I had no idea that the exchange rates had gotten so bad in NZ. Perhaps this is the time to vacation in NZ as it's nearly a 2:1 ratio to the American dollar.
    How has the global economic slump hurt them so badly?

      A high dollar is not a measure of economic strength.

        But a low value is a sign of weakness.
        Ask the USSR where 50 rubels will buy a loaf of bread, no wait, 100 rubels, 500 rubels, 2000 rubels! I must go now.

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