Wow -- Someone Went Ahead And Made A Pokemon MMO

Is this real? I guess it is. The folks have actually gone and tried to make a Pokemon MMO, and they've... sort of succeeded! PokeMMO is a fan made MMORPG based in the Pokemon universe, and you can play it right now. Until Nintendo do something about it.

It looks really interesting, but after a quick search I haven't found any information on precisely how the developers are allowed to do this or if they're allowed to do this. A couple of years ago Nintendo closed down the very similar Pokenet, so you would imagine it'll only be a matter of time before the all-seeing eye of Nintendo/Sauron bears down upon this cool little program with the legal force of Perry Mason on red cordial.

So you might as well enjoy it while it lasts. You can head here for more info and download the program while you're at it.

Thanks Jake!


    Pokemon would lend itself quite well to being an MMO when you think about it. Train up your Pokemon and battle other players.

      We have been thinking about it. For about ten years. AND NINTENDO DOES NOTHING.

        Indeed.. it's such a perfect platform for an MMO.. more so than many other games that have been considered for MMO glory.. It's surprising they haven't taken a stab at it to be perfectly honest. All we can hope is that when they do find out, and since it's now in gaming news it won't be long, that rather than simply shutting the game down, they take it and make into a premium title.

          I would love it if nintendo made an official Pokemon for Iphone / Android / Windows Phone, they would do so well and probably outsell their DS versions

            I think one would suit the wii u
            Top down view with attacks and stats
            3d pokemon on the tv!

    Looks like it might be down already?

    Nintendo/gamefreak should leave this alone.
    Abit off topic bit if they announced a WiiU pokemon RPG, is buy it and a WiiU on release

      If they brought out a pokemon MMO, there is a huge chance it will be bigger than WoW.

        If it was done well and Free to Play without a doubt. Still I'd prefer it was made in the later half of this decade to cash in on the advances in technology.

      If they anounced a pokemon mmo for wii U (or even just an open world game), I'd take back every bad thing I've said about the wiiU.

    Nintendo would only even CONSIDER doing a Pokemon MMO when people stop buying the regular rehash type games. Until the money stops rolling in, we'll never see an MMO.

      They'd have to have a reason to branch out into an older age group though. I mean, I still occasionally play a Pokemon game but it's mostly for nostalgia, I have to crank the text speed up to max and the simplified battle system isn't very difficult.

      They added three on three battles, and they're awesome, and I have no idea why they're not the norm. You only have 10 or so fights throughout the entire game with more than 1 pokemon, but they're so much better! I think it's because they're aiming it at kids, and simplified battles are the way to go.

      There's also the problem of hardware. Nintendo still wants to sell DS and Wii, and neither are really conducive to playing an MMO, and certainly not the kind of MMO a huge franchise like Pokemon deserves. For that you need a PC, and if Pokemon was legitimately out on PC Nintendo would freak out about losing hardware sales too.
      Done right, I think they could make more money by investing in a PC MMO in the long run, but it'd be a tough call for any executive to make.

        Make a Pokemon MMO on the WiiU

        The gamepad will be able to fill in for the lack of keyboard for chat purposes, as everyone already knows how to use a touch screen keyboard.

        Nintendo will sell a metric f**kton of hardware if they do this

          /nods head in agreement

          Also, I'm pretty sure they'll do something like this- but I think it'll be for the 3ds. They've already created all the assets for the game in terms of rigs and models for all the pokemon (pokedex 3d pro)- aside from that there's still a heap of animations to do and the 75% chunk left over for npcs, environment, audio, netcode/code, testing and the other 26,000 steps of a modern day work pipeline.

          Point being- I think they're working on it, it's just a big ask (lots of work)

      Nintendo spoke on this a few years ago.

      1) pokemon is still(at that point) a children's game, and they need to be responsible about what children can see in the game. They can't control what players say on the internet very well, so they need to fix that problem first.

      2) Game freak said they don't like too much multiplayer in the story, because it's a single person story. You can fight other trainers, but they are from another world, so it's two stories in two worlds, not two stories in one world.

      Nintendo isn't stupid - they know pokemmo would be a gold mine. They just have principles as well.

        I've always had the theory that the day Nintendo are about to go broke is the day we see a Pokemon MMO. It's a trump card they have always had up their sleeve.

    I've been playing it, and it's ridiculous how big it is. It's exactly what everyone wanted in a Pokemon Online game when they were a kid. It even puts the original music into the updated graphics lol.

    But it's also so extensive that Nintendo are bound to notice it sooner or later :(

    Not to say they look of higher quality (i honestly wouldn't know until i tried this one) but there has been a plethora of poke-mmorpg games released on the game client from back when i was a member in 2005. i personally had played 10+ different ones, even one where the pokemon populating the world were also players who were given a random pokemon to act as. very successful at the time, and very addictive, so here's hoping this new one will emulate that.

      Nope. It's Pokemon FireRed. But online.

    If they don't ask for money can they hide under the fair use copyright act? or can Game Freak/ Nintendo still shut them down?

      as you download the rom separately and they don't provide links, there could be something there, the program doesn't use assets from the original game (its got a fairly different interface to make it PC friendly).

      They don't need to make money. Nintendo/Gamefreak can just argue that they are losing money from this existing as players of this could theoretically be potential buyers of Pokemon B&W.

    got into the beta for this months ago, wasent very enjoyable, they didnt even use many of the original johto/kanto
    was just a huge mashup

      This is all Kanto I believe.


    I think the real reason that Game Freak/Nintendo will never do a Pokemon MMORPG is because no Pokemon fan would ever leave the house, or their rooms, ever.

    Haha nah i dont think so....maybe.

    Yeah these MMO versions of the GBA pokemon have been comin out for years different companies have had their shot at it and so far (Pokemon Global, Pokemon World Online, Pokemon MMO) have all shut down since, this versions looking a bit more polished then previous ones, but seriously nintendo just make ur bloody own or even give the slightest bit of help to these guys :c

    WoW implemented a Pokemon-style pet battling system with the new expansion, and it's pretty damn fun. A proper Pokemon MMO would probably ruin my life in the most glorious way.

    Until nintendo does********* something about it.

    Just saying, nintendo is grammatically a singular noun so... tard, proof read kthnxbye

      Referring to a company as "they" is fine, since it's really a truncation of "the people at Nintendo" and thus perfectly acceptable... So get back in your f###ing hole.

    There have been a billion attempts to start these, and Nintendo has quashed every last one of them.

    Nintendo should pay the guys who made pokemmo to continue making it for them, so they wouldnt have to create a pokemon mmo becouse there it is, fans made it for them they could just take the money income becouse the rights are theirs

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