Yep, Nintendo Is Region-Locking The Wii U

In what should be a surprise to no-one, Nintendo has confirmed that it will be region-locking the Wii U. Just because it’s unsurprising though, doesn’t mean it’s not hugely disappointing.

For those playing along at home, region-locking a console means that only the games bought in that particular region will be able to be played there. That means no importing games from Asia, Europe or the US for you soon-to-be Wii U owners.

Nintendo is a big fan of region-locking it’s consoles. It has been doing it for years right back to the Nintendo 64.

The news came out of Famitsu in Japan. Translated, it reads:

In addition, the feature region lock the region can play the Wii U is limited is mounted, you can not play other than software that is sold in the area.

Collective sad face. [Neogaf via The Verge]

Originally published on Gizmodo Australia

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