You Think You Know The Borderlands? You've Seen Nothing Yet

The charming and well-spoken Sir Hammerlock gives us a guided tour of the new Pandora, showing us what's changed (everything) and what's stayed the same (dying alot) in Borderlands 2.


    Q. Will they have split screen on the PC version? I know most games don't since PC's generally have 1 mouse and keyboard, but I've had a couple of games recently (notably awesomenauts) which one player uses the kb/m and the other uses a 360 controller through the dongle for my PC. I sure hope they have something like this in BL2!

      he said monitor? I assume there would be a way to do it. L4D2 has a mod that enables split screen play.

        it says in the video console only so i assume you would only be able to through mods

      Video says 'on console only', from 6:11 onwards

        Shame - this is one game I really want split screen on PC for. Borderlands in more fun playing it in person!

    I honestly didn't think I could get any more excited about Borderlands 2, but I was very, very wrong.

    I really want to wait for the GOTY edition... I don't know if I can though.

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