A New Borderlands Game Is Coming To iOS

An advertisement in the official Borderlands 2 strategy guide says that the popular shooter series will come to iPhone and iPad by the end of October.

The ad, first discovered by a Gearbox forum poster (and confirmed by Kotaku this morning), announces Borderlands Legends, an iOS game that "will blow your mind."

Here's the full ad:

I've pinged Borderlands publisher 2K Games to ask what the deal is — will update should they get back to me.


    Really? BLL sounds interesting... hopefully some kind of cop/multiplay, not the same without it. Having said that, AWESOME! count me in.

    Not on Android... oh well they don't want my money.
    Wonder if there are any decent iOS emulators out there...

      They seem to be doing OK without you.

    I guess this will hook into the SHIFT system and unlock keys in the main game? Explains why Gearbox have been 'testing' the system so extensively recently.

      Snap. I was going to comment the same thing. Lets hope we're right. More loot makes me happy.

    Sounds like it might be a bit like Mass Effect: Infiltrator from the description.

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