You Can Play That Borderlands iOS Game On October 31

Surprising no one, that Borderlands Legends iOS game will officially be a reality on Halloween. You can buy it for your iPhone for $5.49 or your iPad for $7.49.

Entertainment Weekly has the first look on the mobile Borderlands game that lets you control the four original vault hunters simultaneously and from a top-down view. Though not as robust as either of the pre-existing console/PC editions of the franchise, the iOS game will actually have a skill tree for you to prioritise new abilities (of which there are six).

Check the EW link for more details until we get our hands on the game for our own impressions.

'Borderlands' blows up iPads! — EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK [Entertainment Weekly]


    Hehe.. gotta love the $0.50 price markup for Aussie store.. that's on all the apps and games though, so nothing against the developer. I guess that's to handle currency conversion fees that are charged.. no big deal :)

    Looks interesting though.. glad they didn't just make it into an on-the-rails shooter or something like that but instead went with something more akin to "Borderlands: Tactics".. definitely looks fun.. and now that I've picked up Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, I'll not be waiting on this one too heavily.

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