Because Sometimes You Bring A Tiger To A Video Game Press Event

You'd think that with all of the not-so-subtle hints Ubisoft PR dropped, that I would've figured out that there was going to be a tiger at our Far Cry 3 preview event last week. "It'll be grrrrreat!" they wrote. "Be sure to come on Wednesday, as we'll have a… special guest!"

And yet when I walked in, the first thing I did was look to the right and say, dumbly, "There's a tiger here!"

Not just any tiger, but Katie, the tiger from the famous bathroom scene in The Hangover. It's probably not the greatest gig getting carted around and trotted out in front of people at various PR functions, but at least Katie didn't meet the fate of so many tigers in the game itself...


    They killed it?!? That's just sick and fucking wrong! That's the worst fucking PR stunt ever! It's an endangered animal, and you KILL IT to promote a game? Holy crap Ubisoft! That's just EVIL!!!!!!!

      Oh wait. That's just game footage at the end. Didn't notice until I rewatched it.

      Wait, what? Where the heck did you get that idea from? From what I can tell, the tiger was just kept in the enclosure for the event and then taken away. Never heard anything about it being killed.

      Yeah! I'd expect that from Sony at a God of War press event, but not the paragons of ethical behaviour at Ubisoft!

      No no, it just lost connection to the internet so it needed to wait until it re-connected before it could authenticate with Ubisoft's Life DRM server.

    You'd think everyone would have learned after Microsoft did this at an AgeOfEmpires party. Tiger escaped and wandered around the party :)

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