Community Review: Resident Evil 6

Community Review: Resident Evil 6
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When people say ‘reviews are mixed’, what they usually mean is ‘this video game received mediocre reviews’. Multiple middle range scores, 5 out of 10s, 7 out of 10s. They very rarely mean reviews were scattered across the board. Resident Evil 6? Here is a game that genuinely received ‘mixed reviews’ — in the proper sense of the word. Some people enjoyed it, other felt a bit bleh, some people absolutely hated it. Where do you stand on the spectrum?

Me? Well, I believe the Resident Evil series lost its way a while ago. I enjoyed Resident Evil 4 alongside the rest of the known gaming-verse but I felt as though Resident Evil 5 took to few risks, and the risks that were taken were in the wrong direction. I haven’t played too much of Resident Evil 6 — not enough to make an overarching judgement at least — but it seems as though the series is in need of another reboot. The kind of adventurous reboot that breathed new life into the series back when RE4 was released on the GameCube.

But I wonder if Capcom feels that is necessary. The game has quickly become that fastest shipping game in Capcom history, and I don’t expect the series to change as long as its being seen as a commercially viable franchise. It’s a shame, because I think console gamers are crying out for something with a slower, more deliberate pace — something truly survival horror — and the Resident Evil series used to provide those kind of thrills.


But what do you guys and girls think? Let us know in the comments below.


  • the game can only be described as average, and for a game that is made by a triple a game company sn’t good enough. i haven’t played coop yet, which apparently is better, and i do love me some mercenaries, but yeah average.

  • Although this technically did get mixed reviews, if you focus on the more reputable outlets i.e. RPS, destructoid, joystiq, edge, etc. You find the reviews are uniformly bad. The good reviews are mostly coming from obscure magazines and industry ‘buy more games’ rags like Game Informer.

  • This what happens when the original creator of a company leaves, it basically becomes a money farming market, and idiot fans still buy it.

  • Loved RE4 and RE5 (but Mark is right: too few risks). Very excited for this, loved the demo, bought it day one, spent nine hours with it over the weekend desperately trying to like it. But no, it’s a bloated quick-time mess with mere flashes of fun moments that are swamped by everything else that is annoying about this game.

    At $20, it’s worth it. Don’t spend a dollar more. Even then, you’ll be better off buying better games like RE4, RE5, Dead Space 1 and 2. Or if you do want a shooter, then Uncharted or Gears of War.

  • I think it’s ok. Provided you play it the right way and learn how to fully play the game (you can instantly get back up from being knocked down by pressing the action button).

    Despite the fact that Leons campaign is the “classic, traditional” for the old timey fans, I found his campaign to be the most boring and frustrating one. Not to say I’m the “CoD kid” wanting action from Chris’s campaign, but at least his, Jakes and Adas campaign have a much better variety of enemies then Leons. They also have less quicktime events (how does that work?). Currently working through Adas and I find her campaign to be more frustrated at times, but she still has a variety of enemies to fight.

  • I’m spending the game switching between giving it a 3/10 and mildly enjoying it. It seems too long and the controls are taken away from you way too often. It’s really annoying to open a door, have a cutscene, open another door, another cutscene. The game needs MORE action, less QTEs. It’s truly a game that wavers between quite good and morbidly awful. Trying to finish it before Dishonored releases and shows Capcom what a 2012 game should be.

    • Haha, you just described my first nine hours with. Then I got an endless QTE in Leon chapter 5 which made me quit entirely. The QTEs won.

      • Yeah I just rage quit at chapter 5 of Chris. Awful stuff. Don’t think I’ll put it back in the console. Plus, I got the collector’s edition. Hello Ebay.

  • I could put up with the machine gun zombies in RE5 but RE6? Chris, Jake and Ada’s campaigns do not belong in Resident Evil. It’s run/cover shooting and super human Martial Artists. Where was scare factor I’m sure Capcom promised somewhere during the development of this game?

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