Only one person, so far, has managed to guess yesterday's correctly — so congrats to justachap. It was indeed Abe's Odyssey — on the Game Boy.

Good luck with today's effort everyone!

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    Duke Nukem?

      Agreed, the original Duke Nukem.

        Definately Duke Nukem

      You got it, 0 minutes.

    One of those old school Batman side scrollers. Maybe The Terminator 2 game?

    Yeah, that's definitely the start of the original Duke Nukem platformer.

    Yesterday's was really Abe's Oddessey? That was certainly a rather abstract representation.

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    Hm. Reply didn't link to the first post. Or appear before all those other muppets turned up saying the same thing.

    Didn't I say Duke Nukem yesterday??? Damn

    Duke Nukum. Yesterday's was Abe's Odyssey for GameBoy? Hey, I had that game too! Funny story: I really wanted Pokemon Blue when it released but my parents bought me Abe's Odyssey for GB instead because it was cheaper.

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      I got Cosmic Spacehead because my step sister convinced my mum that Street Fighter was about gang wars. I managed to get the better game in the end at least.

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