This Co-op Mod Is An Excellent Reason To Return To Castle Wolfenstein

This Co-op Mod Is An Excellent Reason To Return To Castle Wolfenstein

That’s the great thing about PC gaming. It doesn’t matter how old a title is, there’s always a chance someone is tinkering away at a modification that’ll give it life again. If anything was going to do it for id / Gray Matter’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein, released all the way back in 2001, it’s a co-op mod.

All the action can be found on the project’s ModDB page, but the highlights include eight-player co-op with updated skills levels, extra opponents to blast and three modes of gameplay — straight campaign with co-op, a competitive one-versus-one where you fight to have the best statistics at the end of each level and a who-can-finish-fastest speed-fest.

Might be a nice distraction to fire up at your next LAN, if you can find the original install disc.

RTCW classic cooperative campaign [ModDB]


  • This would be great. I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was an incredibly good looking game, mainly because everything gelled so well together. The guns felt meaty and the sprinkling of stealth really helped spice the game up.

  • Awesome! This game was the best multiplayer fps to date imo. The free mod that brought out the new class, xp and bad won sounds killed it unless you were willing to play on bad ping American servers 🙁

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