This Is The Creepiest Mario Video Ever Made

Parody Mario videos — especially the kind where it's like, Mario is now violent in a GTA world or something? That's a little bit played out to say the least. Mario as a really creepy stalker who follows Peach in a supermarket while a really brilliant acapella rendition of Super Mario World's Castle Theme plays in the background? Well, I bet you've never seen something like that before.

I love this because it is just so creepy. And utterly, utterly strange. I don't even really know what's going on here. It's actually worth watching just for the music, which is all done vocally, and very well put together. The fact it's paired with an utterly bizarre music video is just the salty icing on an extremely creepy cake.


    Dafuq did I just watch lol

    That was amazingly bizarre. Also, that was him dying at the end eh? Good to see she eventually stopped Super-Creepio :P

    Holy cow
    Louna on Kotaku

    I see your creepy Mario video and raise you one Nintendo: A Sad Story.

    Brilliant! I think this has now replaced Mario Twins as the most bizarre Mario movie with A Capella music from the game. Also, I laughed when Peach was fawning over Luigi.

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