This Might Be My Favorite Borderlands 2 Easter Egg Yet, Courtesy Of The New DLC

The folks over at Gearbox sure love their easter eggs and hidden secrets. Borderlands 2 is chock full of them.

But while playing the first campaign add-on to Borderlands 2, called Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, I stumbled on what might have to be known as my favourite.

Easter egg spoilers follow

Because it's a reference to BioShock, and I absolutely squeed when I saw Big Daddy come through mid-battle. I hadn't noticed his midget companion, named Lil Sis, but fortunately SquishyMoobs did in the video above.


    My favourite has to be the Top Gun quest. Killing Val Kilmer look-alikes was gold.

    Tina really has no shame over these, it seems she like to race to be the first to post all the Easter Eggs before practically anyone has a chance to find them themselves.

      At least this one doesn't spoil it up front... meaning that if you wanted to find it yourself, you still could. Give her credit where credit's due: this is an improvement :)

    Feel like the biggest noob saying this, but how do I even access the new DLC zones :/

      Fast travel to Oasis

      If you have a Season Pass (or if you purchased the DLC, via Steam, assuming you're on PC) it will automatically update the game and you'll have access to Oasis via the Fast Travel Network. You'll see Oasis as one of the locations you can Fast Travel to.

    Go to a fast travel station and choose Oasis as the destination.

    Isn't DJ Tanner one of the kids from Full House?


    The Top Gun easter egg is better than this easter egg imo. Those quotes from the movie, "Danger Zone" references and the Val Kilmer look-a-likes, that was awesome. :D

    Have u guys noticed that when saturn is lying in the ground after u killed him, he has a transformers head :)

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