This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Gold Coins And The Flow Free Conspiracy

Bring the mobile game ranking charts back to Kotaku this week has taught me a lot about the various mobile platforms. The iPhone and Android players have similar tastes. Windows Phone players can't get many of the games from those other platforms, so they go insane. Oh, and everybody loves Flow Free exactly the same amount.

The Windows Phone charts are going to be a highlight of my week from here on out. At this point I can pretty much predict what's going to show up on the Android and iPhone charts. The Windows Phone chart is like stumbling into a cross-dimensional time machine. It's the Big Lots of mobile marketplaces.

That might all change with the coming of Windows Phone 8, but until then I'm going to cling to it so tight.

Top Paid Windows Phone Games - 10/18/2012

1. Extraction

A top-down shooter released a while back for iOS, the whole older iPhone game thing is a bit of a trend on the Windows Phone. Hey, it's new to them!

Extraction on Windows Phone

2. Angry Birds

How is Angry Birds still charting so high on Windows Phone? Because Angry Birds Space and Bad Piggies don't exist on the platform.

Angry Birds on Windows Phone

3. Fruit Ninja

Because slicing fruit with your finger never gets old no matter which phone you use.

Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone

4. Babel Rising 3D

The mobile version of the downloadable game is incredibly hard to play on a phone, not sure how it made it this high on the list.

Babel Rising on Windows Phone

5. Real Soccer

So much better than fake soccer.

Real Soccer on Windows Phone

6. Rocket Riot

Such an amazing little game. This blocky side-view shooter deserves a higher spot.

Rocket Riot on Windows Phone

7. Frogger

Well now we know which mobile platform the old-school gamers prefer. Frogger on a current top game list; so lovely.

Frogger on Windows Phone

8. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

So this is where that mobile version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit got off to. The Windows Phone gamers do love their older racing games.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on Windows Phone

9. Asphalt 5

I'm sure that if Asphalt 7 was available on Windows Phone it would be right up here.

Asphalt 5 on Windows Phone

10. Contre Jour

Possibly the best game available on the platform.

Contre Jour on Windows Phone

Not too many surprises in the paid category this week, but then the paid category isn't where the Windows Phone flavour is. Freedom is where it's at, and it's a little bit kooky.

Top Free Windows Phone Games - 10/18/2012

1. Lucky Coin Dozer

It's the old pushing coins off a ledge arcade game, only instead of winning things you can spend real money to up your score. I am so confused.

Lucky Coin Dozer on Windows Phone

2. Air Assault

A side-scrolling shooter featuring a helicopter, and helicopters always win.

Air Assault on Windows Phone

3. Xbox Live Extras

Customizing your Xbox Live avatar totally counts as a game. I play it all the time. My score is awesome.

Xbox Live Extras on Windows Phone

4. AE 3D Motor

Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure, and tilt-control.

AE 3D Motor on Windows Phone

5. Flow Free

Okay, now it's a conspiracy. Flow Free is also number five on this week's Android and iPhone charts. There is something fishy going on with this colourful puzzler, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it!

Flow Free on Windows Phone

6. Contract Killer

Contract Killer. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better.

Contract Killer on Windows Phone

7. Dalton — The Awesome

It's not the running and gunning that makes Dalton so appealing. It's the awesome.

Dalton — The Awesome on Windows Phone

8. Premium Pool

Why settle for crappy regular pool? You deserve better. We all deserve better.

Premium Pool on Windows Phone

9. Pandas Vs. Ninjas 2

How could I have possibly missed Pandas Vs. Ninjas the first? I don't even know who I am anymore.

Pandas Vs. Ninjas 2 on Windows Phone

10. Bubble Star

When you're a bubble-popper it doesn't matter if your name is overwhelmingly generic.

Bubble Star on Windows Phone

Will these charts move at all? What happens when Windows Phone 8 games start coming out? Will there be a Pandas Vs. Ninjas 3? Tune in next week, true believers!


    The greatest ones are not on the top 20 anymore GeoDefense and GeoDefense Swarm, Hydro Thunder Go, Mush and Tentacles. Quite a lot of these games seem to be pre-wp8 quick releases, since I know they were not there a week ago.

    Last edited 20/10/12 1:01 am

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