This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Oh How I've Missed You, Ilomilo

One of the warmest, most wonderful games I've played shows up on this week's Windows Phone charts, granting me a comforting nostalgic rush and hopefully distracting all of you from noticing I didn't do the Windows Phone charts last week.

Look at how cute those two little guys are. Just look at them.

I had every intention of getting up on Thanksgiving morning and banging out the week's Windows Phone charts, but then I woke up on Thanksgiving morning and realised that I'd rather glaze ham. I'd say 90 per cent of the time that phrase applies to my life — I'd rather glaze ham. Thanksgiving Day is one of the few times I can act on it. If it helps, the ham was delicious.

So, when you look at this week's charts and see 'Last Week's Position', what it really means is the week before last's position. With that in mind, we dive.

Top Paid Windows Phone Games - November 29, 2012

1. Angry Birds Last Week's Position: 1 (0) See? Nothing changed at all in two weeks. I should do this bi-weekly all the time! Angry Birds on Windows Phone

2. Fruit Ninja Last Week's Position: 3 (+1) Not only is Fruit Ninja hanging on, it's climbing the charts. Fascinating! Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone

3. Sonic CD Last Week's Position: N/A It's a very console game sort of chart this week, actually. Sonic CD on Windows Phone

4. JumpWheel Last Week's Position: N/A Windows Phone gets the neatest exclusive games. JumpWheel on Windows Phone

5. Harbor Master Last Week's Position: N/A A water-based air traffic control game? What will they think of next? Harbor Master on Windows Phone

6 Doodle Jump Last Week's Position: 6 (0) I thought this game was about jumping. Doodle Jump on Windows Phone

7. Uno Last Week's Position: N/A You'd figure Uno would have made it back onto the charts in a much higher position. Uno on Windows Phone

8. Angry Birds Star Wars Last Week's Position: 5 (-3) The Windows Phone 8 only version of Angry Birds Star Wars would be much higher on the list if it weren't Windows Phone 8 only. Angry Birds Star Wars on Windows Phone

9. ilomilo Last Week's Position: N/A So much love for this game. Easily my favourite title on the platform. ilomilo on Windows Phone

10. Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles HD Last Week's Position: N/A Even Altair takes a turn on the Windows Phone charts. Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles HD on Windows Phone

That's actually a rather impressive list of paid titles. Looks like Microsoft's mobile platform is taking steps to live up to the Xbox name. Let's see how the free games fare!

Top Free Windows Phone Games - November 29, 2012

1. Xbox Live Extras Last Week's Position: 2 (+1) Did I mention living up to the Xbox name? Xbox Live Extras on Windows Phone

2. AE Skee Ball Last Week's Position: 1 (-1) Skee ball continues to dominate. Never thought I'd type that phrase. AE Skee Ball on Windows Phone

3. Xbox SmartGlass Last Week's Position: 8 (+5) Again with the Xbox! Xbox SmartGlass on Windows Phone

4. Ragdoll Run Last Week's Position: N/A It's about time people started playing Now doesn't this just look absolutely darling? Ragdoll Run on Windows Phone

5. Flow Free Last Week's Position: 3 (-2) Flow Free is the universal constant. Flow Free on Windows Phone

This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Oh How I've Missed You, Ilomilo

6. Roller Coaster Last Week's Position: 4 (-2) Roller coaster... of love. (Say what?) Roller coaster. A hoo-hoo-hoo. Yes that's the same reference from last week. No it never gets old. Yes, I copied and pasted again. Roller Coaster on Windows Phone

7. Wordament Last Week's Position: N/A Word games are so huge on mobile platforms right now they are causing an internet-wide letter shortage. UR 2 blame! Wordament on Windows Phone

8. Archer Last Week's Position: N/A Hopefully no one is confusing this game with the cartoon or my son. Archer on Windows Phone

9. Sudoku Last Week's Position: 5 (-4) Number games are so huge on mobile platforms they're causing a global number shortage. UR blame. Sudoku on Windows Phone

10. Minesweeper Last Week's Position: 6 (-4) One click click click click click click two click click five dammit. Minesweeper on Windows Phone

Another week, another 20 quality Windows Phone games for you to poke at. Join me here next week when I may or may not do this all over again.


    I'd forgotten all about IloMilo, I never got round to playing it, but it looks so charming and sweet!

    I wish Ilomilo wasn't a beeping windows exclusive thing (xbox live, windows phone). I was hoping that they'd port this game to iOS/Android :(

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