While You Were Sleeping

The long weekend! It's over! Back to the grind and all that. But why not procrastinate just a little bit longer with some sweet, sweet information on the world of videogames? Why not, eh?

Plenty of people are a little bit worried about the Splinter Cell. The latest trailer has more explosions that a stealth game should really have! Instead of sending out a message of reassurance, an action you might expect from the normally sane Ubisoft, we here that reactions to the trailer are "uninformed" and "kneejerk". Well, how do you expect us to react — we can only judge based on what is being shown!

This is interesting. I had long assumed that Pro Evolution Soccer was playing second fiddle to almost every country FIFA was released in. Guess I was wrong. In Japan everyone plays PES. I also heard PES was super popular in South America. Why? Well it's all to do with licensing, and what teams are available in the game.

Someone at Kotaku is demanding more Sleeping Dogs action, this is the periodic table of Minecraft and here is some news on the XCOM project the 2K team down in Canberra started a while back.

In Short Japan: The Country That Isn't FIFA Crazy The Periodic Table Of Minecraft Your Upset Reaction To The New Splinter Cell Trailer Were "Uninformed" And "Kneejerk" I Want More Sleeping Dogs The Other XCOM Game Might Now Be A Third Person Shooter


    We "hear" that reactions =] Kudos for finding a new picture for each of these articles Mark!

    I was so ronry on her yesterday. Victoria was the state not to have the day off.

    There are so many things wrong with this article. Mainly the grammar.

      I only spotted one grammatical error - the 'the' before Splinter Cell, which may or may not have been intentional given Mark's often jocular writing. Care to point out the others?

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