Zynga’s Bringing Farmville To Online Gambling

Zynga’s Bringing Farmville To Online Gambling

Shortly after firing about 150 people, Zynga has even better news for investors. It’s getting into a sure-thing moneymaker, online gambling.

Gamasutra said on Thursday that Zynga saw a decent bump in its stock price after revealing plans long hinted at. They’re getting into a partnership with Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, an Austrian online gaming operator. Plans include “a slots simulator based on [Zynga’s] Farmville,” says Gamasutra, and that it’s just one step toward a bigger presence in gambling for Zynga.

Considering how many people just straight up don’t come back to play a social game after the first time they try it, and that 90 per cent don’t last a month, this is probably a shrewd move. Still doesn’t mean they make anything I wanna play.

Zynga loses players, looks forward to an online casino empire [Gamasutra]


  • Thank God, some actual reporting and commentary on something from zynga, instead of the rubbish advertorials that kotaku has been publishing recently on behalf of games.com.

    Oh, and just give it time. I’m sure that a company targeting children on facebook with bright colours and cartoony graphics is the perfect candidate to enter the online gambling market. Not so well thought out.

    But then I guess they’re desperate, on account of having a complete lack of content and sustainable business model (and morals).

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