5 Bundles, 20 Games, Potential For Freeness: A Look At The IndieFort Countdown Bundles

With all the Black Friday craziness in the States, you're going to have a hard time not running into some sort of gaming sale or bundle deal during your internet superhighway travels this weekend. If you can spare a thought (and some coin), then you might want to check out the IndieFort Countdown Bundle over at GamersGate, which is trying something a little different with its pricing structure.

For each bundle, you can pay the minimum amount — $US4 — and then supplement this by providing extra to the developers and/or to the charity Help-Daniel. Regardless of how much you spend, by purchasing the first bundle, you'll get 25 per cent off the next and if you buy that, you'll get 50 per cent off the third bundle.

For those of you following the maths (and have some pattern recognition ability), if you buy all the bundles before the fifth, you'll get 100 per cent off the final one. 100 per cent means free, by the way.

So, what games are in the bundles? Here's the list:

Week 1: Aeon Command Genetrive 2 Space Pirates and Zombies Waveform

Week 2: Caster Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece Strategic War in Europe Zombies

Week 3: Alien Hallway Bridge It Eryi's Action Terrorhedron

Week 4: Achron Alien Shooter 2 Conscription Orczz Syder Arcade

Week 5: War of the Human Tanks Will Fight for Food Zafehouse: Diaries Zombie Shooter 2

The bundles include some great titles, including Space Pirates and Zombies, Achron and War of the Human Tanks. And yes, that is indeed Zafehouse: Diaries in the last lot of games. It's the first time we've been included in a gaming bundle and the good news is, it won't be the last. I'd love to expand on what this means specifically, but certain contract stuff requires us to keep it a secret for now.

IndieFort Countdown Bundles [GamersGate]


    Hi, I'm Jakke Elonen, one of the people behind War of the Human Tanks.
    We're happy to be included in this great bundle and I hope a lot of people will take advantage of it.

      Cheers Jakke, hope it all is successful!

    Zafehouse diaries for free? (if buying the other bundles).. sounds good :p

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