Your Last Chance To Win One Of Three Very Good Bundles

Your Last Chance To Win One Of Three Very Good Bundles

Frostpunk. BATTLETECH. Monster Hunter: World. Cuphead. Two Point Hospital. Yakuza 0. The original Shenmue games. Overcooked 2.

All are good games that are absolutely worth your time. And three of these could be yours for free. Here’s how.

We’ve teamed up to run a neat little competition with Fanatical, the digital marketplace known for their bundles and deals in Australian dollars. It works like this: below you’ll see a little widget where you can vote on one of three bundles. (All bundles will come with Steam keys, redeeming on PC only.)

All you have to do is pick one, enter your real email address and answer in 25 words or less why you should win. That’s it! We’re giving away ten bundles, with the winners getting one bundle each from the following:

Bundle A: Monster Hunter: World, Overcooked 2, Cuphead
Bundle B: Shenmue 1 & 2, Vampyr, Yakuza 0
Bundle C: Two-Point Hospital, Frostpunk, Battletech

The winning bundle will be determined by popular vote, but all entries will be judged on your 25 words or less submission.

Voting will remain open until October 5, 1700 AEST. Terms and conditions can be found here.

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  • I’m a little confused about how this works. Are we voting for a bundle and then only people who voted for the most popular bundle become potential winners? Or does the bundle vote determine what people win? Or is it each bundle has a winner and the vote just determines the pool of potential winners for that bundle? Or is it a person wins and then gets the bundle they selected?

    • The vote determines which bundle is the final prize, and the winners are determined from the overall pool of entries. There’s ten winners all up; each winner gets one key for each game in the most popular bundle.

      • Lol so you can pour you heart into 25 words or less why you really want Battletech and then “Win” a completely different game. OK

        • Yeah, how dare they give away really great games that might not be exactly the one I was looking for!

          Sassiness aside, Battletech is the hardcore, granular turn-based strategy I’ve always wanted and should be the number 1 prize. But anything in bundles A and C are amazing. The Shenmue games haven’t aged well, but they’re worth playing for the history lesson alone, and Yakuza 0 is a great not-GTA just like Sleeping Dogs was. Can’t say much about Vampyr either way, but honestly, everything here is worth it.

  • Not only do the terms and conditions mention sharing your info with other companies, but it also says that the winners are randomly chosen so it doesn’t really matter what you enter, just how many entries you make.
    A bit lame.

    • That’s not technically true. The clause is pretty standard for competitions expecting a high entry count. The winners will be chosen out of a sample of entries selected. So you can’t just write the word “fish” 25 times.

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