Kogan Attempts To Distance Its Portable Media Player From The PS Vita

After we first discovered Kogan was taking pre-orders on PS Vita clones at $49, we got in contact with Sony locally who immediately sent back this response: "We are currently looking into this. We can also confirm this is not official PlayStation product." We also sent questions about the product directly to Kogan itself. We are still waiting for a response but in the meantime it seems as though Kogan is subtly attempting to distance its 'Portable Video Game & Media Player' from the PS Vita.

A new addition to the pre-order page now states: "Kogan is not affiliated with Sony in any way. This Portable Media Player (PMP) is not manufactured or authorised by Sony, and is different to any PMP that is manufactured or authorised by Sony."

We have no idea whether legal pressure from Sony itself resulted in this addition or whether its a pre-emptive strike against any action Sony might take, but it's interesting nonetheless.


    Kogan should never have supplied or promoted this product in the first place. It lacks class. Sure, it might have been another (succesful) attempt at media attention but I would say that Kogan needs to promote themselves as a legitimate supplier of legitimate products. People are concerned about buying grey imports from them, and they need those concerns quashed. Going out and deliberately selling blatantly illegal products does not help their cause.

    I have bought a grey import from Kogan, my concerns were quashed. I am interested in the PS Vita clone thingy, but Kogan are damaging their brand by selling it.

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      As I've said in previous posts - this is not blatantly illegal. Emulators are legal, and we don't know what games are on the unit. It hasn't been released yet, but it's highly doubtful they will put pirate games on it and risk being sued for more than their company us worth.

      And another thing - do you really think the general public care about piracy?

        Judging by their promotional pic, it has old Playstation games. Outside of shipping the discs to you with the PMP, how do you propose they supply the games legally?

          My guess is they are showing the types of games you can play. I suspect the supplied games will be freeware or demos. Demos would get around the 'this isn't what you said was on there' argument.

        Why is it important if the public cares about piracy? It doesnt make it any less illegal.

        A law's isn't existance isn't dependent on its popularity.

          To clarify: I was referring specifically to brand damage. I doubt the general public will even hear about this, let alone care.

          Legality is a completely different issue.

            I think that's the 'GREY AREA' problem right there...

            Who is the general public nowadays ? Surely it has to be anybody who uses their PC to browse the inter-webs, buying products online etc.

            Some of whom may stumble across this product and purchase it for the kiddies for Christmas....

            They are potentially (possibly?) committing a crime just buy purchasing a product designed/marketed with the specific intent to allow purchasers to play pirated gaming software, not supported/licensed by any of the gaming companies portrayed in the advertising material provided at the only point of purchase.

            I would say Bad Karma Kogan's way comes...


        The BIOS used to run those emulators aren't legal to distribute, though, and if it comes with them, it's illegal right then and there.

        Also doubt these companies are licensing the games for use on this system.

          Wouldn't the fact that the design of the item is a clone of the Vita make it illegal right there and then.

          No matter what loop-holes they hope to be able to fall through the item is clearly a rip-off item. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be holier-than-though - I pirate plenty, but that's as a private individual, not as one of Australias fastest growing electronic online retailers.

          Kogan doesn't have any foot to stand on if he wants to argue that he didn't realise that this item was infringeing on copy-rights. Not a hope in convincing us.

    They also removed the sentence from the description of the item that basically said the item came "preoloaded with 100's of games". Now it just says you can download 1000's of games. I distinctly remember it saying it was preloaded with 100's of games when it was first announced.. so clearly this was removed as a result of pressure from somewhere.. but even showing the pictures of the game title screens should be enough to warrant some legal pressure from Sony and/or the publishers of those games.

    so ... it looks like a vita, but it can only play nes/snes/gba games

    time to screw with people on public transport

    Did you ever think perhaps that they have the permission of the relevant distributors? Just because they're selling a product that looks like another product and contains old PS1 games, it doesn't automatically make it illegal. The device hasn't been released and you simply don't know the full story, so automatically assuming it's illegal is pretty stupid. If anything that in itself makes you look overly daft.

      Sony have said they have nothing to do with it. therefore any mention of being able to play PS1 games starts to hint at it being illegal.

      that and it looks like a PSP. like exactly like a PSP. That's definitely infringing on Sony's IP.

    Can anyone else access the items page on Kogan? I search it and when I click to buy it, it loads then loops me back to my search results, but this time with the PMP not in the results......

    Looks like they have taken it down. Its a shame, I was going to buy one, and play it more than my Vita.

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