Kogan Is Selling Curved 4K TVs For $750

Not satisfied with a bargain-bin 4K TV? Then Kogan has the answer for you.

That's right: if you don't mind the fact that you won't be getting anywhere close to the best-in-market hardware, Kogan is selling a 4K curved 55" TV for $749. It's a pre-order price, and once the pre-order allotment is over the price will jump up slightly to $799. (Which still isn't that bad, considering.)

The LED TV can handle 3840x2160 at 60hz and runs off an LED panel, with rated 280cd/m2 brightness and a 8ms response time. The whole unit weighs about 13.8kg with the stand included, and comes with 2x USB 2.0 ports and 4x HDMI inputs.

Pretty basic, all in all. But for some that's more than plenty. Alternatively, you can pick up a 65" LED TV "built with a brilliant Samsung panel" with 4K support for $949 if you're not into the whole curved screen jazz. Either way, you can find more info over on the Kogan website.


    Dont forget to add the somewhere around $100 for delivery.

    and be stuck with a useless tv not being able to plug anything into it with it not supporting 4k/hdmi2.0 or hdr standards, like many of their other models. Just because it's 4k doesn't mean it will work with anything.

    Last edited 13/01/17 10:04 am

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