The Vita Is A Great System — Too Bad Sony Screwed It Up

The Vita Is A Great System — Too Bad Sony Screwed It Up
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Have you checked out that Vita game? You know — the one that’s a shoddy spinoff of a big-name series? Perhaps Call of Duty: Declassified, which currently has a whopping 32 per cent on Metacritic? Or Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a game that our Kirk Hamilton called “a cut-rate version of the Uncharted games that most people have already played”? How about Resistance: Burning Skies, which Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo called “a mediocre new first-person shooter that has no excuses for underachieving“?

If you’ve seen a commercial for the Vita, you’ve probably heard Sony’s big tagline. “Get console-quality gaming with the PlayStation Vita.” Not a bad selling point, and maybe the Vita does offer console-quality gaming. But it sure as hell doesn’t offer console-quality games.

Sony’s high-powered console has been around for almost a year now, and the best gun in its arsenal is Persona 4 Golden, a 2012 remake of a 2008 PlayStation 2 game — an excellent PlayStation 2 game, but a PlayStation 2 game nonetheless. The Vita’s other top games, while good, are hardly the system-sellers that Sony desperately needs. They’re not nearly as varied or deep as the experiences you can get on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. And the Vita’s marquee fall game, PlayStation All-Stars, is also available on PS3.

When I ask friends and colleagues what they’ve played on Vita recently, the answer is typically either A. “Oh, I don’t have a Vita.” or B. “Oh, you know: PSP games, old PlayStation classics that I missed.”

Nine months in, and the Vita is a PSP, PS1 and PS2 machine. Does that really justify the $350 price point?

Sony’s portable system has become something of a running punchline in the gaming industry, mostly because Sony has done such a great job of screwing it up. Which is a shame. I really like this machine. It might not be the most ergonomic device in the world — try to hold up the Vita for an extended period of time and your thumbs will start to hate you — but it’s sleek, pretty and powerful. The UI is great, the online features are handled well, and I love being able to play PS1 and PSP games on the go. As a fan of niche Japanese games and RPGs, I had high hopes that the Vita would take after the PSP’s success as a platform for experimental, quirky video games.

Sony’s portable system has become something of a running punchline in the gaming industry, mostly because Sony has done such a great job of screwing it up.

But it hasn’t. Nobody is buying Sony’s new system, not even in Japan, where Nintendo’s 3DS recently outsold it 47 to 1. Because of that, developers seem to be shying away. The Vita is floundering, and it’s all Sony’s fault.

The biggest problem is that the Vita has become something of a landfill for bad games, the place to dump off rushed, poorly made takes on AAA franchises like Uncharted and Call of Duty. This year, Sony has unwittingly cultivated the reputation that a portable system is for shoddy spinoffs — a reputation that it will have to spend the next few years trying to wash off. Even the portable versions of Assassin’s Creed and LittleBigPlanet — considered by critics to be solid games — aren’t different or special or great enough to make the Vita worth owning for a great deal of gamers. None are better than their console equivalents. None make the Vita feel better than second-class.

But that’s not the only problem. Sony has also become a victim of its own greed.

Last week, Amazon ran a Vita deal that some thought were hard to pass up: you could get the portable system, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, and a free trial for Sony’s fantastic PlayStation Plus service all for $US180. Also, a 4 GB memory card.

Yep, that’s four gigabytes. Or 4000 megabytes. Persona 4 Golden, in case you were wondering, is 3137 megabytes. If you intend to seriously download games or other media to your Vita — and you should, because this is a platform built for digital content — you’ll need much more space than that.

The biggest memory card available for the PlayStation Vita right now is 32GB. It will cost you $100.

That’s right. One hundred dollars.

When I went to GameStop to buy my Vita a few weeks ago and asked for their biggest memory card, I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard that. A hundred bucks for 32 gigabytes? I think I just spent something like $U80 on a terabyte hard drive, and now Sony wants me to pay $U00 for a card that can hold maybe 7000 songs?

The Vita’s memory cards, by the way, are proprietary, which means you’re stuck with what Sony gives you. You can’t swap in a standard SD card, even if it would be significantly cheaper.

That’s the gargantuan hidden cost behind the Vita, the purchase that turns that $180 deal into a $280 investment. It’s also one of the major reasons that Sony’s hot console has received such a chilly reception. It’s obscene price gouging, and it will be particularly punishing for early adopters in a year or two, when bigger memory cards are available for even cheaper.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be as irritating if we could just pretend the Vita doesn’t exist. But it does, and it’s full of potential: there are lots of interesting-looking smaller games on the horizon, games like Dragon Fantasy and Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice.

Yet other than those few games, the future is bleak for Sony’s console. There are few games that could have the type of widespread appeal that will make people feel like they have to have it. The Vita’s 2013 lineup is terrifyingly barren, and even if it gets more interesting, I can’t help but worry that the Vita’s tepid reception has kept game developers away. Why make games for a system that not even 3 million people own when you could develop for the ubiquitous iPhone, or PC, or even the 3DS?

I don’t make it a habit of caring about how much money Sony makes, and unless you are a Sony employee or shareholder, you probably don’t either. But as a gamer, as a fan of the Vita and someone who hopes to keep using it to play interesting, creative games like Dokuro and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, I really wish Sony hadn’t screwed the Vita up.


  • I disagree with some of your points, there was nothing wrong with golden abyss, infact it is the first vita game thats about to reach a million sales so is the most succesful vita game to date. This article reeks of a massive troll attack, even if you claim to be a “vita fan”

    • There was NOTHING wrong with Golden Abyss? There is something wrong with almost everything and yous is your inability to be objective. High-ish sales don’t equate to a great game. Think about everything that happened in the game, areas were constantly repeated, the puzzles were extremely easy or uninteresting and not to mention the tacked-on touch controls. Now despite these flaws (many people would see these as flaws you see) i quietly enjoyed the game for a handheld adventure. I don’t think it’s a great game, nor would i say it’s awful. It’s a mediocre license-grab. But just because you want somethng to be better than it is, doesn’t mean someone is trolling.

    • There was something wrong with Golden Abyss and it was called gyroscopic controls on balance beams. There’s a reason Naughty Dog dropped that from the PS3 games after the first one.

    • I really like Sony products and even am using a Sony phone right despite the bad reviews but it this article is actually quite correct in most of its points about the vita. It seems even though most companies has gone on to creating better products with greater connectivity in terms of hardware and software, Sony is going backwards with their proprietory memory cards and unattractive games on the PSvita. I seriously considered buying the PSvita but in the end, it failed to deliver the right mix of games which is the essential aspect of the PSvita.

    • Golden abyss was a fun game, but it definitely had its flaws. Even though the gimmicky use of the touch & gyro controls was awful, what ultimately killed the game for me was the final boss battle, which is comprised ENTIRELY of touch based quick-time events.

  • There may issues with the support the Vita is getting (funny how no one ever has a problem with the hardware itself), but I will continue to support the Vita because I do feel that I am getting a console quality experience on it. Bring on more games like Golden Abyss and Assassins Creed, they are amazing…

  • The main problem with the Vita is the quality of games, the pricing of the vita and its memory cards is minor compared to how much is charged for games that aren’t up to standard.
    The games i’ve played haven’t been terrible but they have made me glad that it was my friend who bought a vita and games and not me. We really can’t win when it comes to handheld consoles, we either get really great games or really horrible games there is very little middle ground.

  • I’m in complete agreement with this article and Jason is spot on with everything!

    The PS Vita was in dire shape even before it was released and there still isn’t even a single title that sticks out. Instead, consumers have to settle with either ‘tacked-on’ games or spinoff titles that people aren’t really interested in playing. And don’t get me started on those idioticly overpriced memory cards.

    I purchased a PSP for the first time 2 months ago from Big W for just A$98. Why? Because of the following software
    -Valkyria Chronicles II
    -Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling together
    -Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

    These games are a perfect example of what a handheld console should possess.

    I so very wanted to get a Vita, aside from Persona 4 Golden, I don’t see much point in investing a Vita. In last week’s episode of Bonus Round (Gametrailers), Michael Pachter himself said the ‘PS Vita is dead’

    This isn’t a ‘troll attack’ article, its merely calling the facts as they stand. The Vita isn’t selling, deal with it.

    • Jeevs, I hope you understand that the games you quoted as being the best on PSP are JRPG’s, which appeals to a niche western market. The PSP’s system movers in the Western World would have been the grand theft auto “stories” series, among other things. Just because you measure success on a handful of niche games doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

    • I can’t even think of more than two games I enjoyed on PSP that were localized.
      The only good localized games the system had, to me, were Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (Great game) and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Amazing game, terrible controls).
      If that’s what I’ve gotten from the PSP, and that people are starting to fear the Vita will be dead soon, I can’t see any reason to even get a Vita. If the Vita were, like, $35, I would probably consider it, but I wouldn’t even pay $100 for one.

  • I really hope Sony knows what it is doing with pricing. My feeling is that there are really only two things holding back the Vita: (1) its price and (2) the memory card prices. Lower prices means more adopters, and more adopters means happier third party publishers, which means more (and hopefully better) games, which means more adopters. Sony should’ve taken a huge loss on the chin to lower the Vita’s price by $100 and throw in a 16Gb memory card with every system.

    Sony says it is in for a marathon, not a sprint, but seriously, it must have balls of steel to get to this point without panicking. I know I would be.

    • Software is holding them back. The interface is archaic and the newest Email Client and Browser even moreso. They should have just forked Android over to this thing, so you can also have access to the Google Play games library + healthy emulation scene, instead of an exclusive store with mark-ups. If they threw in a phone, the Vita would have been the device the Xperia Play should have been.

  • I had some store credit with GAME that I used to buy a Vita. I was intending on selling it, but had half a mind to keep it, especially when it came with a free game, Ridge Racer, and Wipeout too I think.

    But then I was dumb-founded when I was told that I couldn’t even play a game without a memory card. I couldn’t even play it, and not save my progress. That made no sense to me at all.

    I then read that Ridge Racer was generally considered half a game, and I think the Wipeout game was the same that I already have on my PS3. So why bother. It sold at full price on ebay.

    Personally I think 32gb is a lot of storage for a portable device, and I’m very impressed with the technology of micro-SD cards and such, but for a gaming device that plays “big” games, then 32gb becomes more of a requirement. I could see myself quickly struggling with 16gbs.

    I bought a PSP a couple of years ago and have used it less than half a dozen times. If battery life weren’t an issue i’d perhaps use it more but every time I look at it, I know it doesnt have any battery life, and I’m not really interested in it enough to search for the charger cables just so I can play it once for it then to drain its battery on standby, I can imagine the Vita being much the same. A nice bit of kit, but I don’t have (much of) a use for it. Besides I have a smartphone with oodles of games, i’ll get a tablet before long, I have the PSP, do I need another portable gaming machine? No..

    • As someone who only has a 16gb card, I can tell you now that it’s amazingly easy to fill it up, and 32gb would be what I could consider a bare minimum if you’re going to get the most out of the system.

      I’d happily pay Sony extra for a 64gb or 128gb card.

  • I wonder if things would have been any different had the Vita and the Xperia Play been the same device.

    As it is, we got an underpowered gaming phone (though I still loved mine) and a great device in the stand alone portable console space, which neither I nor any of my friends are interested in (not necessarily a great sample space, but the only one I have at hand).

  • I think the new Vita section of the PSN store is going to help a lot with sales. As a PS+ member I’ve been pre-emptively downloading the free Vita games, and when in a few months I have a dozen or so games ready to download and play, that’ll probably be the impetus I’ve been waiting to actually grab a system.

  • I’ve got a PS Vita, and the only games I’ve got for it is

    Gravity Daze/Rush, Metal Gear HD, and Blazblue. 2 remakes (which I haven’t played the original) and 1 Vita-only experience. The only game I finished was Gravity Daze and now my Vita sits on my bedside table doing pretty much nothing.

    The games that I’m looking forward to? Nearly all remakes still, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R, and Zone of Enders HD. Dragon’s Crown is interesting, but most likely I’ll be getting it for the PS3 instead.

    I love the machine, but I don’t get the feeling that the love is mutual.

    • A fair few Tales games heading Vita’s way. I bought a Gamecube solely for Tales of Symphonia.
      You BET i’ll get a Vita for several awesome games that have a trophy set that I can link up to my PSN ID ^_^

          • It’s always struck me as odd that companies like XSEED, NIS America etc can turn a profit off localizing far more niche JRPGs than Tales, but Namco struggles to make a return when they do them.

            There’s fan translations of both Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts out there. The DS versions, but they’d be a pretty good starting point. Buy those (this has happened before – most of XSEED’s Ys releases are originally fan translations) then release the games with Japanese dialogue only, no dub, since that’s the most expensive part of the localization. Surely they could make something back off that on any other system. Probably not the Vita though, the install base is just too small. 🙁

  • Actually, Vita tends to be the same price as 3DS in Brisbane.
    Under $300. Also, Vita has a great line up. It’s where most good RPGs end up.
    A lot of games I wish were available on PS3. For this reason i’m getting one soon.
    You’re right, the price has been a deterrent. But it has been with the 3DS also.

    Also most 32 gig cards will set you back around $100. Whether it SD or otherwise.
    You should give the Vita a break. At least it doesn’t have a retina raping 3D effect that is no good at all. =P

    • uhh, i just googled “32 gigabyte micro sd card” and google’s price search function listed various people selling them for around 30 dollars.

      heck, 64 gigabyte micro sd cards seem to be getting sold for under 100 dollars on most sites.

      • Sure, if you buy them online. Check em out in any store. (which is what I meant)
        Regardless, i’m sure this will be a Vita specific SD card anyway.
        But on the subject of buying online, you can get a Vita cheaper online also thus making the point redundant. Store prices and online prices deffer a lot. Judging from what the author of this article was basing it off though, i’d say he was referring to the Vita store price. So whats to say that the Vita card price he estimated isn’t store price also?

        • “Sure, if you buy them online. Check em out in any store.”

          That’s a pointless technicality. The reason MicroSD standard is cheap, is because there are many manufacturers producing and many storefronts that sell them, thus driving down prices due to competition.

          Sony is the ONLY manufacturer of Vita cards, they control the price. Manufacturer profit margins allow only minimal price variation, this is why Apple products are more-or-less the same price everywhere (online or not). Compare the eBay prices for Vita memory cards, it’s not a drastic difference whereas this gulf will only widen with industry-standard platforms like Micro SD or USB vs Thunderbolt or FireWire.

          • How is it a pointless technicality? I was pointing out what I actually meant as alphamone immediately googled it (obviously). That being store pricing, as not everyone shops online.
            Also, I made the estimate based on personal experience and likened it to the $350 price the article author quoted. Because obviously he’s been pricing shit in eb or some overpriced wallet rape farm.
            If anything I agree with you that it will most likely be overpriced and that Sony will be the only manufacturer.

    • The 3DS is still quite a bit cheaper. You can get the original 3DS for around $200 and the XL for about $230. It’s quite a big difference from $300. And you can easily get 32gb sd/micro sd cards for about $30-$40. Hell, you can get a 128gb ssd for ~$90 (for comparisons sake).

  • I bought a Vita on the black friday sale from and its arriving probably friday. It was only 200 AUD delivered express from the states with 2 games (AC3 + Battle royal). Also put on top of that the three months of PS Plus i got free with that bundle as well, which means you get a further 4 games from the Aussie store for free (or a really small yearly fee).

    Thats one hell of a deal and if they build upon the Vita’s PS Plus range for the EU/AU store i think its going to be a winner. Especially if they keep bringing out good crossplay games with the PS3.

    • You are forgetting a- it was a one off sale and b – to play the games – they are download – you need to buy a bigger card than you are getting.

    • And c – the vita is connected to a psn account – which is region locked – I am wondering if u can even use the US psn download codes on an Australian account? Factory reset time maybe.

    • I got that deal too but the PS+ codes require a US credit card to activate and them at the code for PS: All-Stars are for the US PSN so you’ll need a US PSN account to access it.

      Usually it’s not a problem and most people would stick to one region over another but for me my main AU account already has PS+ up until 2014 so I’d want to use that as my main Vita account but now I have to use two if I want to play PS: All-Stars.

        • Yes, you have to do a factory reset, and use either a new memory card or wipe the old one (you can keep your backups on your computer). The process takes 5-10 minutes.

      • You have to use a US CC to activate PS Plus? It’s not just normal a 3-month code?

        I haven’t got a US card attached to my US account and I was able to redeem a 12-month PS Plus code with no problems…

        • Yeah but you use prepaid cards and bought it separately. This is a sort of trial thing where you’ll need a credit card to redeem it and PAL/Australia stores had a similar set up recently. It’s like this so when the 1 month trial is over (there’s 3, one month codes for it as part of the bundle) it’ll automatically charge your credit card and renew it for you (unless you cancel), similar to how Xbox had those 1 month gold for $1 deals that needed a credit card.

  • Did anyone outside of Sony fanboys actually expect this thing to do well?

    Sony never learned their lessons from the PSP. People aren’t interested in console quality gaming on the go. They want quick, jump in, jump out fun games. Hence, why the mobile games are so much more successful, and more DS/3DS games are so much more successful, and their devices are also.

    Sony needs to take a step back from this whole “MOAR POWAH” angle they’ve been taking since 2004/2005 and realise why people actually buy games and game consoles. They’re still too busy appealing to forum fanboys instead of real people.

    The real stupidity? Even the PSP Go, which was a HUGE failure, had 16GB of on-board storage. This thing has essentially nothing. Some of the decisions made with this console truly boggle the mind.

    • I like to use handhelds for “blast from the past” games – remakes, old school RPGs, side scrollers, puzzle & strategy games etc. So in that sense, I agree with you – I never bought the PSP as it was trying to ape the PS3. Nintendo gave me what I wanted on the DS: FF remakes, old RPGs, Prof Leyton etc.
      But I’m sick of Nintendo and the “nintendo rehashes” – now I want to play Sony rehashes 🙂
      And yes – why no onboard storage??

  • I really want the Vita, even simply from a hardware enthusiast point of view.
    I spent 10-15 mins at a local JB Hifi playing Gravity Rush & Ridge Racer and loved the look, controls and environment of GR. Ridge Racer was… well like Ridge Racer, good for a short blast.

    I recently took up the free 30 day PS+ subscription offer on my PS3 and noticed the Vita offers as well. TBH, PS+ on my PS3 now is a bit of a waste as I already have physical copies of 22 games, but it makes a huge amount of sense to have PS+ for anyone who doesn’t have either Vita nor / or PS3. As it stands, I will happily pay $19.95 for an extra 2 months of PS+ and finish the 4 free games I downloaded on my PS3. Will keep downloading the Vita games in this period and hopefully, either a price drop or Vita version 2.0 (with better battery life pls!!) will get the Vita. Think about it – $70 subs per year on a new console/handheld and you have heaps of time to finish a lot of games.
    All those classic titles on PSN – I am interested in (refused to buy PS1 & PS2 at the time) + new games on Vita which are slowly, but surely coming. Bring on Xmas sales!!!

  • Uncharted
    Madden NFL 13 (which is actually nfl 12)
    NFS MW
    MLB the show
    AC liberation
    Black ops ( I don’t mind it)
    Mutant blobs attack (fantastic)
    …and people say the vita doesn’t have any good games. If you don’t want or like the Vita stop bitching. If you’re on the fence about getting one, I’d recommend one any day of the year.

    a vita owner since launch who has never owned a Playstation 😛

    • Im with you mate! Most Wanted was my most recent purchase and that was is a perfect game for the Vita. Annnnnnd… Black Ops on there wasnt as bad as everyone flogged in the media – it was actually put together pretty well.

  • Apparently the author doesn’t realise the difference between hardrives and SD cards is like apples and oranges so it’s not a legitimate complaint, appart from that the article is pretty accurate, though personally i can’t really blame SONY for the failure as they simply repeated the mistakes of the PSP only to find it selling half as well as the PSP did

    • I think they do realise, they are just pointing out that the world has moved on from expensive storage. They would have probably been better comparing the memory cards to non-proprietary formats which are larger and cheaper.

      • It’s not just that the world has moved beyond expensive storage but now everyone from Google, Dropbox and Microsoft are trying to out-do each other by giving us more free cloud storage. I’m probably up to 40GB between them. The concept of paying $100USD for 32GB of local is archaic.

  • even the hardware makes me shy away personally. The dealbreaker was just how close the right anolouge stick is to the X O [] △ buttons.

    Also that ugly ass UI needs to go. The colored smarties really scream cheap and tacky

    • Here we go, another Kotaku rant attack on anything related to Sony. Let’s completely ignore that Nintendo’s 3DS has all the exclusive spin-off titles: Resident Evil: Revelations, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, NSMB, Monster Hunter 3rd, never mind the ports of: Ocarina of time, Start Fox 64.

      Admit it, we love franchises on our portables.

  • Sure the vita’s game library, but the games it DOES have are fantastic. Any vita owner should definitely play:
    • Rayman Origins
    • Sound Shapes
    • Mutant Blobs Attack
    • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
    • Wipeout 2148
    • Gravity Rush
    • Little Big Planet Vita
    • Uncharted Golden Abyss (it’s great, despite its flaws)

    • Rayman and Uncharted make me want to get one.
      Even considering AC3.
      Ad the psone games till more games come out and you will have plenty of great games that prop outweigh free time.
      So I do agree with you there.

      • I really like the Vita, bought it at launch, but I have to admit.. my daughter watches Peppa Pig on YouTube more than I game.. until Persona 4 gets here anyway.

      • Software licensing =/= hardware restriction.

        The console business model = you sink a bunch of R&D, marketing, production, etc to produce a machine that if people want to release things on, they pay you a licensing fee to reach your customers. Proprietary hardware is the lock-in of a certain piece of technology by a company to increase their slice of the pie, reduce competition and reap fatter profit margins.

        Sony’s history is lined with these examples: Betamax, UMD, MiniDisc, Memory Stick, Blu-Ray, now this. It rarely works and in those cases, only with partnerships.

    • “Favorite console ever.” “Too bad theres no games coming to back it up”

      I would consider both those sentences contradictory

  • What the hell is wrong with Uncharted Golden Abyss and Call of Duty on the Vita? If people can slam them so hard – id love to know how they would make them better because you know what – I think they rock! Tried Most Wanted on there? Well that rocks too!

    • The touch controls not being made optional and Chase really should have died at the end.

      Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’m even looking forward to the upcoming Uncharted TCG, assuming it gets a local PSN release.

  • Also, I think its worth pointing out that the big issue here is the release schedule. I finish a game in about 2 weeks… then cant buy the next release from a store for a further 6 weeks, that gives me a lot of time to change console.

  • “Nine months in, and the Vita is a PSP, PS1 and PS2 machine. Does that really justify the $350 price point?”

    I wish!!!!
    It only plays PSP PS1 and Vita games, at last count they had no plans to include PS2…

    Oh if only Sony would release a big old back catalogue of PS2 games for PS3 and Vita… if it included the Atlus stuff and Robotech Battlecry it would be near on perfect (and of course FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII)…

  • But aren’t handheld games all more or less niche? Doesn’t COD: Black Ops Declassified appeal to the COD/FPS crowd? Or what about AC: Liberation for the AC fans?

    All I’m basically saying is, if you’re going to make a game for a console, make something that everyone will likely buy (i.e., Halo, MGS4, Smash Bros Melee). Something will appeal to everyone.

    But if you’re not going to do so, then you might as well go for that ‘niche’ market

    So far on the Vita, even the ‘niche’ games don’t appeal to the ‘niche. ‘ Does that make sense?

  • I think the biggest problem with the Vita isn’t Sony, it’s gaming sites – LIKE THIS SITE.
    That publish articles that neglect to mention the awesome games on the system, LIKE THIS ARTICLE.
    I have paid for 5 full games – and 7 smaller psn games – and have enjoyed every one of them.
    My latest purchase: NFS: Most Wanted(also not mentioned). It’s a excellent fit for a portable system.

  • I’d just like to point out the fallacy of comparing the price per GB of hard drives with that of flash memory. Compare the price with that of SD cards, or flash drives – it’s still 3x the price, and it’s still a rip-off, but it’s nowhere near the 35-40x that you’re talking about.

    For the record, I’ve had mine for about four weeks, and I’m still going strong on Liberation. I knew I wouldn’t play it much, because I don’t have a time in my regular week where I have (a) the opportunity to play games and (b) no console or PC nearby to fill that role. However, the time I do play it, I enjoy it quite a bit.

  • The price of the Vita has been my biggest criticism. Once you add on the extras, it was a very expensive portable.

    However …

    The recent changes to PSN+ which includes free games and a price cut on the console was enough to convince me to pull the trigger on the Assassins Creed bundle from the US, I also bought a 32gb memory card for $80 delivered.

    A PSN+ subscription will make owning a Vita a whole lot more attractive.

  • Good article. When the Vita came out I had no doubt that I was going to get it… at some point… when it has a substantial amount of good games. I think it’s close to that point now, but wow, I had no idea about the Memory Card thing. I might have to rethink this purchase.

  • Yes, the storage is overpriced (though you can get it for less than $100 and free shipping on OzGameShop). I definitely wish it had an SD card slot instead. But there are many good games on the Vita. Stop quoting your over-negative Golden Abyss review – plenty of people loved it, including me (I especially like the gyro-aiming, which I think should be standard on every Vita shooter), and it has an 80 on Metacritic (the site you used to judge CODBOD but conveniently forgot about with GA), with 64 Positive reviews and only 16 Mixed, with not a single Negative review to be found. Trashing Golden Abyss based solely on your own site’s review just looks pathetic when it holds such a widely disagreed-with opinion. Persona 4 Golden is great and a big improvement over the original PS2 version with multiple new additions, far from a mere port. LBP Vita is widely loved and has been called the definitive LBP due to what the Vita’s unique controls add. Gravity Rush is a gorgeous, fun exclusive with an amazing central gameplay concept. Super Mutant Blobs is a cheap, extremely fun title. PSP games on the Vita are much better than they were on the original system due to the bilinear filtering, stunning OLED screen, and ability to set the right analog stick to mimic the d-pad or face buttons which makes games that were previously unplayable excellent (and the same goes for PS1 games, visuals-wise). And even when it comes to games that are largely ports, the fact is, you can play them on the go. Can you carry your PS3 around with you and play it on the train? No? Huh, funny that. Stop comparing them then.

  • I think the best of the Vita will come too little, too late. Kojima Productions showed a rather neat system where you could take the game you were playing on your PS3 with you. Simply save the game, plug the Vita into the PS3, hit the button and your current save is downloaded onto the device, right where you left off (same graphics and all). Come back home after a trip on the train, do the same, and your game is back on the big screen.

    But with the PSV being a year old, even I forget that it’s a console that’s out now. I rarely see it marketed at my local Big W and the games are in the back corner at my local EB Games..

  • i love the vita hardware.
    i think it is a really nice handheld and i like it much more than my 3DS BUT the state of games just kills it.
    i want all PSN games to be playable on it.
    i want quirky handheld games that would just be strange on console. the same type of experiments that PSN/XBLA games tend to be
    i dont really want full console games on it.
    though a new final fantasy tactics or something would be great.

    they also need to revamp the store. why cant i see the size of the game im about to download, why cant i get screen shots of the game and why can i see how much space everythign on my memory card takes up instead of simply how much i have left. the xbox has done this forever, even the 3DS is better at this.

    it has the potential to be a fantastic console but there are just too many things to fix

  • The only reason my psp is getting any use is because of Monster Hunter, I am wondering why Sony have not communicated this with Capcom.. This is one of the games which sold many PSP.

    Is Sony doing anything at all to promote theyre products to 3 rd party devs?

    Psp have so much potential.. give us Dark Souls portable another metal gear portable etc..

  • The memory card ratio is trolling.
    Micro SD is still many many times more expensive than an 3.5inch hard drive.
    Stupid sensationalist remark man. Yes Sony’s cards cost more than other media but comparable media (MICRO SD to VITA MEMORY) the gap is WAY smaller.

  • To elaborate from my comment earlier, Vita is infact packing games. Especially in terms of RPGs.
    The fact that it plays some PS3 games, most PS2/1 games and a lot of PSN games is just a bonus really. Especially when you look at it as a console that plays Final Fantasy 1 – 9, 4-2, Tactics..etc, Breath of Fire 3, Y’s Origins, A few Tales games, Atelier games are being localized, Disgaea.. etc
    There are more, that’s just off the top of my head. For a detailed list of current releases (at least ones with trophies) check out

  • The Vita is amazing, but the high price, and lack of advertising makes it a hard sell. Sony really needs to fix their advertising.

  • I’ll be honest. I couldn’t be bothered wading through all the comments, BUT!…… Let us all be honest here. We ALL know the problem is the lack of a new Monster Hunter for the PS Vita. New MH plus Vita=instant sell out.

  • Portable consoles are finished. The 3DS got in just in time, and with the advantage of Nintendo’s rusted-on portable fanbase. But the smartphone and the tablet are eating the market for a dedicated portable gaming platform with proprietary everything.

  • I’m the proud owner of a new Vita. The system makes a wonderful first impression. setup was simple, quick and painless. Within minutes, I was off playing Mutant Blobs Attack, which was free for PS Plus subscribers such as myself. It’s great cooky fun! Right now I’m using it to share my thoughts with you. It’s 2am, I’m in bed, and I’m just too damned excited to sleep.

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