You’ll Love And Tolerate The S*** Out Of This World Of Tanks Mod

You’ll Love And Tolerate The S*** Out Of This World Of Tanks Mod

The Brony Reconquista claimed another significant beachhead with this mod for’s World of Tanks. The mod is 5GB large, stuffed with glitter and rainbows and throat-gagging irony. See for yourself in the video above.

Following mods for Minecraft and other games, this one perverts WoT with more than 90 audio tracks, new pony-themed tank skins, renamed nations and achievements. The mod is the work of one RelicShadow, and is an amalgamation of mods he and others have created.

The mod evidently has some issues with running properly, and that it’s recommended all other mods to World of Tanks be uninstalled before using.

My Little Pony mod compilation brings true horror of war to World of Tanks [PCGamesN via Massively.]

My Little Pony World of Tanks Megamod [World of Tanks Forums]


  • So whats the deal with world of tanks anyway/ I am starting to see it everywhere?
    Can someone give me a quick rundown on what it is about and more importantly, is it good?

    • Basically, it’s a world. Full of tanks.

      But really, it’s an online multiplayer game where you buy and upgrade tanks and then take them out onto a battlefield for 10v10 (or so, I can’t remember) team matches against other tanks that usually last 5-10 minutes. As you earn money you can buy bigger tanks and you go up into higher level matches etc. You can customise them with better gear, train your crew members, buy different types (tank, artillery {called Self Propelled Guns}, tank destroyer), and so on. All the tanks and technology is WW2-ish era so it’s all very up close and personal.

      I really enjoy it, it’s very fast paced and tactical. The tanks move in to spot other tanks for the SPGs to rain death from above on, while the tank destroyers set up ambushes for the opposing tanks. I believe it’s freemium so you should grab it if you have a few gb and some time to kill.

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