Can't Download Halo 4's Crimson Map Pack? Here's What To Do

Do you have the Limited Edition of Halo 4 or perhaps you've purchased the game's map pass? If you have either of these you may also have had trouble downloading the new Crimson map pack that released just yesterday.

Today I popped in my copy of Halo 4 to download the pack but was greeted with the request to pay additional Microsoft monies for what should be a free download since I've already redeemed my Limited Edition codes. If you're struggling with a similar issue, there's fortunately a simple solution.

Reboot your 360. And be sure to navigate the in-game Xbox Live Marketplace for your content, not from the 360's dashboard.

Relevant side note: some commenters on this Joystiq article reported that they were able to download the map pack for free regardless of what edition or pass they'd purchased. My guess is that 343's solution to the Limited Edition/Map Pass owners' issue — namely, creating a second download option for free for these users — was the cause for the unanticipated bonus for the standard edition players.

Update: Microsoft PR informs me that the free access to the map pack was intentional as a limited time thank you after complications with reward tokens. Here are the details:

As an additional reward to those customers that participated in our "14 Day, Buy and Play" program (which ran from Nov. 6 – Nov. 20), we are providing complimentary access to the Crimson Map Pack for a limited time, through Tuesday, December 18 at 9am UTC/GMT.

There were some initial complications with the distribution of the "14 day, Buy and Play" reward tokens, and so we decided to provide the additional reward of complimentary access to the Crimson Map Pack, for a limited time, as a "thank you" to our customers that contributed to the success of the "Halo 4" launch.


    I'm just trying to get around the semantics here; is the map pack free for a limited time to download (whereby you can then keep it forever), or is available to download and play for a limited time (at which time it will be revoked, unless its then paid for)?

    I would love to see a site such as this do a after sales service article on big release games.
    Matchmaking in H4 has been atrocious in Australia due to the broken host filter matching us up with the four corners of the world.

    Some friends and I have even gone so far as to start a twitter campaign to put pressure on 343 to address this problem. #Halo4Everyone

    im on standard edition. the free version doesnt appear in my marketplace yet.

    that 14 buy and play reward thingy. if i got the game at launch and played it quite a bit during that fortnight, does that mean im eligible, or did i have to do anything else?

    You had to play it online during that time, if you did check the E-Mail address associated with your Live account and it should send you to the page to redeem the code and pre enter the code.

    Co-Op, Spartan Ops and Wargames all count.

      Ah thanks. I'll go check my email. The address I used is for all my spam so i never open it

    What a pleasant surprise to get a free map pack, didn't expect that, thanks MS! (I think I played 20 minutes of Team Deathmatch to test it out when the game launched).

    While I kinda like that MS are being generous, it kinda cheapens it for the people that paid, either directly or through the limited edition. What about people who were charged before they made it freely available to them?

    They are 400 MS points worse off. The three map packs are 800 points each, the Pass is 2000 points and comes with the limited edition. Maybe MS should give a free unique armour code to anyone who paid and sell the armour for 400 points to everyone else all square now.

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