Here's A Peek At Halo 4's Next Map Pack

Today's the big day for Halo's ex, Bungie, which will soon tell all about its new affair, Destiny. That makes the discovery of these four images for Halo 4's forthcoming Majestic Map Pack quite a coincidence, indeed.

It's probably not as nefarious as it sounds, actually. NeoGAF user Wifiplayer13 found them by altering the URL on the Halo 4 website. "I simply changed the name of the map in the images they have on the website to find them," he writes. The image above is the playlist picture for Monolith. The three images below are the lobby pictures for it, Landfall and Skyline. 343 Industries back in January said Majestic would arrive in "late February," describing Majestic as "two small maps and one medium sized map."

In November, a screenshot from a German Xbox 360 dashboard correctly pegged the release date of the game's Crimson DLC and dated Majestic for Feb. 25.




Halo 4 Thread [Wifiplayer13 on NeoGAF]


    Those are pretty looking maps but given the rapidly dwindling population in the Halo 4 multiplayer, I honestly have to wonder if anyone is buying them.

    These three, and the next 3 need to be small.

    Some will come back if they stop fucking focusing on Big Team and Objective map types.

    Even though Haven and Adrift are two of the best Halo maps ever, even I'm getting tired of playing on those 2 over and over.

      Agreed. On another note though, I miss Swordbase!


        Swordbase, Adrift, Haven, Battle Creek and High Ground.

        My Top 5 favourite Halo maps ever.

    Why the hell does Halo need such frequent new map packs? It has Forge!

      the only problem there is there's no Forge World and that is by far the best and probably most used map for Forge amongst the community.

    Oh cool, i like the human cities i've always wanted more of those maps ever since halo 2, i only wish they were all on PC

    forge was disappointing, why give us smaller space to use. it makes no sense>

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