Grab XIII From GOG Before It's Gone For Good

Cel-shaded shooter XIII isn't long for the world, at least on digital distributor GOG. Come the end of the year — which happens to be quite soon — the game will be permanently removed from the service's catalogue for reasons unspecified.

The announcement was made 12 hours ago on GOG's forums:

XIII will be removed from our catalog at the end of 2012.

It will NOT be removed from your accounts, but you will not be able to buy it anymore.

Fortunately, the game is just $US2.99, down from $US5.99, so if you do decided to pick it up, your wallet or purse won't hate you.

Released in 2003, I remember seeing screenshots of XIII and being impressed by how good it looked. Thanks to its comic book visuals, it actually holds up pretty well almost a decade on. Well, the stills do at least.

XIII removed from the catalog [GOG forums, via Reddit]


    Very fun game even for it's age; so definitely recommend it!

    Also good to know we'll still be able to download it if we own it.

    Got it not long after launch in a Prince of Persia/Splinter Cell/XIII combo pack.

    Thought it sucked.

    Always pondered about adding this to my Cube collection...

    I really enjoyed this game. Was always disappointed there was no sequel. For $3 it's a no brainer.

    Got it before it got removed,

    Aparently it was a licencing issue :/ Maybe Ubi wants things changed?

      This is a long shot, but maybe the licencing issues have something to do with a remake/re-release.

        Another possibility is music. Write often the music licenses are time limited, preventing them from producing more copies after a certain date. This was quite reasonable in the era before digital distribution, but can make it impossible to distribute the games today.

    I would like Time Splitters as well :D

    I remember playing this on Xbox many years ago, i bought it from GOG a few months ago, i installed it but i had to reinstall windows and i haven't bothered to reinstall it yet.

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