Here's The New Trailer For Superman: The Man Of Steel

The latest teaser for Zack Snyder's update on the saga of the Last Son of Krypton looks incredibly moody. Christopher Nolan is producing on this film and hopes are high that it repeats the success of Nolan's Batman movies.



      Yeah damn work filters not letting me watch this until I get home tonight.

    Hmm, not TOO bad, but it still suffers greatly for being a superman movie.

      I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over the sounds of "THIS WAS AWESOME". It's broken free of the constraints of the old superman films, lets see how it goes now :D

    This'll be better than batman. Bale was a hopeless B-Man.
    Zack Snyder is incredible. Watchmen is my favourite movie.

    Plop! Sounds like another Superman movie going down the toilet.

    Wow. Looks much better than I thought it would be!

    Didn't really follow the story aspect but it was still a good trailer.

    Looks interesting, I liked Watchmen,300 and Dawn Of The Dead so hopefully Snyder can pull it off,also help from Nolan can't hurt.

    I liked the old superman movies... except for that Richard Pryor movie; that, was, not, a, superman film. What's to be gained by taking the awesome portrayal of superman as this awesomely educated by a wise father alien with superpowers that takes that possession of all the knowledge one could ever need and even with the knowledge and powers of a more advanced civilization decides to act like a damned boy scout looking for a merit badge every second of the day. What was so bad about those films that they needed to make the new one moody & grim?

    It looks to me like they are going to deal with the biggest thing I've always wondered about when watching superman movies.
    Why was nobody running around screaming "holy sh!7 he's a frakking ALIEN!"
    Seriously, superman reveals himself to the world and all the response he gets is some newspaper and TV reports about how cool it is he can fly and save people? He's walking, talking proof of intelligent life beyond earth. Why do the government and scientific communities have only a passing interest in him? Why is Lex Luthor the only person in the world interested in chasing him down and aquiring his advanced technology?

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