Hey Square Enix, Where The Hell Is Bravely Default?

Hey Square Enix, Where The Hell Is Bravely Default?

Dear Square Enix, This is getting ridiculous. It’s been two months since Bravely Default: Flying Fairy came out in Japan — where it flew off store shelves — and we have yet to hear a peep about a Western release. No hints, no promises, no nothing.

Your PR representatives won’t say a word, no matter how many times I’ve asked (and yes, I’ve asked way too many times). You won’t even admit that the game exists.

So what the hell are you waiting for?

Is this going to become another Type-0? Are you really going to sit around and ignore your American fanbase while we beg you to let us give you money? The 3DS is thriving. This fall has been barren for new RPGs, and American fans are craving the sort of experience that Bravely Default can offer. Those of us who did get our hands on Bravely Default have absolutely loved it. In a great preview, 1UP’s Jeremy Parish called it “the sort of Final Fantasy experience gamers have been clamouring for.”

But no. In Japan, your producers are talking about sequels. Here, you pretend the game doesn’t exist.

You’ve registered a domain name for something called “All The Bravest,” which makes me nervous as hell. It makes me nervous, Square Enix, because you haven’t said anything about it. And because you haven’t said anything about it, my mind is jumping to some scary places. Is it a browser game? A mobile game with ridiculous microtransactions? A card game without sound? You’re freaking me out here, Square Enix.

So look. Here’s some free advice. Get Bravely Default translated. Call it something marketable, like Final Fantasy: Brave Fairy or whatever. Something with Final Fantasy in it. And bring it over here. Even if it doesn’t sell gangbusters — which it really should, if it’s as good as people have said it is — at least maybe you’ll win back some of the many, many fans you’ve pissed off over the past few years.

Love, Your Best Friend And Pal Jason


  • Couple of things. First, I’m still waiting on Type 0, and thats not coming, so dont expect this. Second, so many people are whinging about the Final Fantasy brand being on pretty much everything right now that I think they should just leave it as a new series. Anyone else agree?

    • Agreed 🙂 But They Still need to make this – SquareEnix REAALLLY needs to employ more translators us Aussies are absolutely craving some new decent rpg’s and its making our apetite upset when we see them only being released in Japan. White Knight Chronicles was a big one for me, it took them over 2 years to release the english version, That’s really not good enough simply to change the text in a game :/ I don’t care if they do a botch translation aslong as I can understand what I’m doing! Should be a 6month process at most :c

    • Type-0 is a bit of a different situation though. All the big publishers collectively threw the PSP under the bus a couple of years ago (Type-0 isn’t the only good game we’ve missed out on) and subsequently while releasing the Vita, Sony effectively put the bus in reverse to make sure the PSP was finished off. So in Squenix’s eyes, a PSP release of Type-0 isn’t viable. Their option might be to release it for the Vita, but that requires investment and the install base of the Vita is pretty bad unfortunately, so unless that gets turned around, I can’t see a Vita version being possible either.

      For some reason in comparison the 3DS has taken off. It’s selling pretty well and has a strong install base. Additionally there are basically zero proper original JRPGs for the system at the moment in the west. Some strategy RPGs only. So you’ve got a great game, an untapped and seemingly fairly viable market. It’s a much more likely proposition.

      However localizing Bravely Default will be really expensive. It has a lot of voiced dialogue which Squenix will need to dub, and they’re such a generally bloated company I bet that will mean a lot of unnecessary fingers in the pie, thus a lot of cost involved. So it might not be as viable as it first appears.

      • But do they *really* need to dub it?

        I would assume at this point most JRPG fans like the original Jp voice anyway…

        • They didn’t bother including the English dub in the European release of Virtue’s Last Reward on Vita, so I’m guessing at least some companies agree with you. Come on Square!

        • No. But it’s Square and they dub everything because apparently it sells better that way.

          More JRPGs would get released profitably in English if companies stopped dubbing. 🙁

  • Square Enix is like a friend I used to have, best friend in the whole world, then he started smoking weed and began to act really weird. I don’t want anything to do with him nowadays, but occasionally I’ll stalk him on Facebook to see how he’s doing.

    • To me, Square-Enix is like a friend that got in to a terrible accident a few years back and had to have it’s head surgically attached to the body of another, though less frequently “hung out with” friend. Now, both heads do different drugs, and refuse to go back to how they used to be, and don’t think about how other people that used to love them both, flaws and all, can’t stand being around them.

      Nowadays, I hear a lot about those friends in the media, but it’s never good news. I revisit the memories of them both, but I don’t expect them to ever redeem themselves. It’s neither my friend Square or my friend Enix – it’s more like that dick back in primary school, Tyler Sampson.

    • Yeah, me too.

      We haven’t been on speaking terms since FF7. Back when every character wasn’t an androgynous, teen, Jpop idol. Honestly, on reflection though, Sephiroth was probably the beginning of the end for their art direction.

  • It’s already being done imo. good localisation takes a lot of time. I’d expect it to be out around march/april/may next year if I were a betting man.

  • Square has been super slack with localisation always, and in the past couple of years it feels like they’ve stopped bothering with anything other than their absolute flagship titles. I know with voice over that localisation is a lot more expensive than it used to be, but given the size of the english market surely it’s still profitable? Most of their games sell at LEAST half a million units across the territories, if that doesn’t pay for localisation and then some, then maybe they need to start taking a serious look at their overhead costs and middle management.

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