League Of Legends Using Neuroscientist To Stop Players Being Vicious Jerks

League Of Legends Using Neuroscientist To Stop Players Being Vicious Jerks

League of Legends might be one of the biggest games in the world, but it’s not without its share of problems. Chief among them the fact many of its players are hostile, anti-social arseholes.

That’s something developers Riot Games are trying to address, and according to lead producer Travis George in an interview with Gamasutra, there’s a novel way they’re going about it.

“We actually have built a team around this, to address [the problem],” he says. “We call it, lovingly, the PB&J Team, which stands for Player behaviour and Justice Team. And there’s a lot of really talented folks on that team, including two PhDs. One’s a cognitive neuroscientist and one’s a behavioural psychologist.”

“We’ve actually developed specific trends, and our own set of metrics that we look at for measuring what percentage of times we think that players will encounter a negative experience in a game, and how severe that negative experience is,” George continues. “And then we have to build things or be responsive or message the community in a particular way to address those things.”

“This is going to be a major focus for us”.

Good to hear. Lord knows the game needs it.

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  • The game isn’t any different from other popular multiplayer games in the sense of player behavior. Call of Duty, Halo, Warcraft all have issues with players being jerks to one another. LoL seems to be the only game actively attempting to fix the issue which is more of A gaming problem than a LoL one.

    • I kinda disagree, but only kinda.

      I agree that gaming communities ARE the worst kinds of communities, but I think it’s intensified in LoL, because communication is key and you simply cannot win without teamwork. In CoD or Halo (Not so much WoW), you can win a game from your own personal skill, but one person cannot actually carry a team in League. You are dependent on your allies to win a game, or a fight, and when they fail to do what they need to, it’s understandable to get frustrated. Calling them a !#@$ing !@#$ that should climb back up a !@#$ is crossing the line, however.

      In League, it’s more conducive towards an aggressive environment because of your dependency on other players.

  • At the end of the day it impacts on sales and future expansions, installments for their brand. These days I’d prefer to just play a great single player game, so I don’t have to listen to these children after a day of work when I’m trying to relax and have a bit of fun. It seriously needs to be addressed.

  • It isn’t that hard to figure out, really. Because these games are team-based games, and even if you, yourself are good, you can lose because of your team. Over time, it makes you naturally wary and suspisious of all other players and as a result, you’re more prone to raging.

  • This is a multi player competitive environment. Aggression is the outcome of the problem not the cause. A highly organised team with a plan and an understanding of their strategies may be able to win decisively and calmly however when you stick a group of people together who don’t necessarily know each other, the group dynamics have to evolve on the field so to speak. Naturally there will be times when no one takes charge or there are too many ‘chiefs’. Combine this with the frustration of loosing, the ‘pay or grind’ nature of the game and It’s not hard to see how easy aggression is facilitated.

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