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We're almost at the end of our awards! Today we're announcing the results of 2012's best PC game of the year vote!

And the reader voted winner is...

Reader's Choice

Far Cry 3: 12.78% Unlike yesterday, which featured the closest vote I've ever seen since we started doing these awards, this one was also pretty close, particularly between the top two games. Still, it's a pretty incredible considering the fact Far Cry 3 was released pretty late in the day for these awards.

Runners Up Borderlands 2: 11.97% XCOM: 10.14%

Editor's Pick

The Walking Dead This one was tough for me. Quite honestly, I didn't play that many games on PC this year. I thought about using the PC release of Dark Souls as an excuse to make that my PC game of the year but, considering I played the game on PS3, that would have been more than a little dishonest! The game I enjoyed most on PC this year was The Walking Dead. It suited my needs. It was a game I felt comfortable playing on a laptop in bed, almost like reading a book. It was a different experience. A throwback to the adventure genre I used to love, but also a fresh interesting way to tell a genuinely well written story.

Runners-up: Dear Esther


    I'm sure that Far Cry 3 is a worthy winner but I can't help but wonder if it would do quite as well in the polling if it was released a few months earlier.

      Reading the poll/ nomination comments gave me the impression that some people voted for it before actually playing it :S

        I think the votes were cast before the game was out, so you're probably right.

      Sometimes coming out late can also hinder games in these votes. But I see your point. Everyone is currently buzzing about Far Cry 3.

      I think it helped Skyrim a lot last year.

      I totally voted for DXHR.

        I'd wager Portal 2 would have won more GOTY awards last year (instead of finishing second to Skyrim all the time) had it been released in November and not April.

        Skyward Sword is the true winner of 2011 in my heart!

        Edit: Excluding PC games ofcoarse =)

        Last edited 13/12/12 4:06 pm

      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Everyone is still on the hype train for Far Cry 3.

      Definitely the best game ive played all year. Even my Friends who generally only play multiplayer COD and FIFA etc are loving the singleplayer story and game play. Think everyone just likes how it deals with him slowly changing and being a bit nuts.

      Agreed, it is currently the in game at the moment. Knee jerk reaction is to vote for Far Cry 3. It's a good game yeh but in my books, there were better games released earlier in the year.

    I sincerely voted for Anna's Quest. I loved The Walking Dead too, really compelling stuff. I'm glad I had access to all the episodes when I played and could just marathon through them. I probably would have voted for Dishonored too. (I played Spec Ops on the 360 so associate it with the consoles, but I'm sure it was all kinds of awesome on the PC too!)

    Last edited 13/12/12 3:34 pm

    Gratz Ubisoft, truly a great game and deserving win.

      Who ever thought that would be a sentence?
      And a fair one a that!

    Great game to be sure and a worthy pc-port but I wonder how many people that voted for it have actually completed it, you wouldn't really have an informed opinion on a book or film you had only half read or watched.
    I got it on release and have been playing it for at least an hour or two everyday but am not even half completed it, it's HUGE.

    Is there anyone who hated Far Cry 2 and has played 3 who can give an impression of the game. First person shooters are my bread a butter of gaming and I can usually get some enjoyment out of even outright mediocre ones, but I absolutely couldn't stand FC2. I found it completely and totally mechanically flawed as a shooter, the missions were about as interesting as the average MMO quest, and the vehicle handling was a complete joke.

    I realize most people didn't hate FC2 (or at least not as much as I do), but I'm wondering if anyone who shares my opinion about 2 has anything nice to say about 3.

      Im with ya mate, Hated farcry 2 with a fury, But so far very much enjoying 3... probably only half way through it, but its like they took all the bad shit from 2 and killed it off, and added new non broken stuff.

      it seems to get a bit easy once u clear the island outposts, but its kind of a mix between farcry 1, skyrim and just cause.... its got a bit of stuff for all.

        Thanks. With all the praise the game has been getting and an opinion from someone with the same feelings as me about FC2 I'll consider picking this up if I see it in a sale rather than avoiding it like the plague no matter what.

          yeah i got it for $40 from g2play on release... and so far worth the money

      FC2 drove me up the wall, FC3 is very good. Played 18 hours now. A steam key cost me $40, however you could probably get a uplay only key for $25 or less.

      On a separate note - it's only the second game my GF has ever watched me play and said "I think I'd like to play that..". The other was Skyrim.

    Not criticising the choices, they're not wrong in any way, but I'm surprised that Walking Dead didn't poll higher in the popular vote. I personally didn't vote for it, but I thought enough other people would that it would be in contention.

    Out of curiosity, @markserrels, are you able to give an idea of how many votes the polls received on average?

      Roughly 600 votes on each one. Pushing 1000 on the main Game of the Year poll.

    Should be reserved for PC only games, like how about Crusader Kings 2?, Great game that is crazy entertaining despite staring at maps for 99% of the game.

    I aged 9 ruler of the powerful duchy has died from a fall because of climbing around his castle trying to reach that birds nest, leaving it for his imbeclie brother to inheirtant the title, tho it wasn't to be for he saw his brother fall to his death and decided that he will reach the birds nest in his honour. Climbing the walls and almost reaching the birds nest he was pushed off by his own spymaster because letting his other brother who is also a power duke take over would be better for all, and it was for that Brother would become the King of England.

    No love anywhere for Sleeping Dogs... :(

      Sleeping Dogs is my console game of the year. Tried the demo on PC and found the keyboard controls to be awful. Definitely designed around controllers.

    I would have imagined Sleeping Dogs to get a mention.. such a sleeper game for me. Came out of no where.

    I'm surprised there was no Dishonored in the results. I didn't vote for it though as I haven't played it - XCOM got my vote.

    Dear Esther as the Editor's pick runner up? I played that for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I didn't like it at all. I had just finished To the Moon which I thought was fantastic and wanted to play another story driven game. To each their own I guess.

      Have to agree about Dear Esther . I was disappointed. Too boring to finish.

    great pick mark.

    Games that come out within 3 months of voting for game of the year tend to have a better chance of winning. For 2 reasons I reckon. First: A lot of AAA titles come out between September and December, and voting usually happens in December. Second: Games that came out early in the year aren't as fresh in people's minds by December...Or they're sick of them by that time.

    And Dear Esther as a runner up? Who the hell is picking these things at Kotaku? No wonder this blog is skyrocketing downhill. Your two choices for game of the year were an interactive, episodic cut scene, and an audio book masquerading as a first person game. Hmm, does this say more about Kotaku, or the gaming industry?

    (for the record I LIKED The Walking Dead, don't get me wrong)

    So happy to see Dear Esther get a mention as runner up!

    So. Damn. Happy!

    @dc mention just because :P

    Dear Esther was good, and was an experience that I will remember. But it took me 58 minutes to "finish" and I won't be replaying it any time soon..

    FTL would have gotten my vote, with XCOM as runner up.

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