Someone Made A Catchy Song Out Of Random Wii U Noises

From the snapping noise a Wii U game case makes to the menu music, this Wii U song by YouTube user jimmy incorporates a whole bunch of sounds the Wii U can make. And the result is great.

But it does kind of get awkward in the middle there.


    Surprised it didn't end with the horrible wii u crash horn.

      Mine froze on me once but I didn't get this supposed "horn"

    this is alright, would have been more impressed if not sounds from mario game were used

    try hard attempt at noise acapella really, the song doesn't even sound nice either just repeats of the same few noises over n over, not nearly creative as the XP noises one ;)

    Sounds like the Forest Temple music from Ocarina of Time at the start.

    Sounds like... utter crap.

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