The Seven Wonders Of Crysis 3

I managed to spend a little bit of time with Crysis 3 this week, but before EA let us go hands on with the game we were shown the above video — a well put together four minute trailer that integrates cinematics with gameplay footage. It's a strange combination. The trailer was apparently put together by Boyz In The Hood Director John Singleton.

I liked it. Despite the pretty poor writing. It's quite refreshing to see so much gameplay footage being used in what is supposed to be this story driven piece of marketing. Generally with these things, particularly if a big name Director like Singleton is involved, a trailer like this will feature no gameplay at all — it might even be live action. Cool to see a studio have a little more faith in the cinematic qualities of the game itself.


    Play on easy much? I'm not that excited for Crysis 3, starting to look like generic shooter #3748, or maybe I'm just a cranky old gamer...

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      Bit of both perhaps :) But yeah it does seem to not do much new though I have always had a good romp. Have really looked at Crysis 2 and 3 as just expansion packs to number 1 as they are much the same just new levels.

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      I'm not surprised at this overabundance of shooters, developing games is a business and FPS is alot safer than making an RPG, action, adventure etc.

      But I'm on the same boat I'm not interested in Crysis 3 in the slightest bit.

      - set in the jungle of a decomposing New York
      - a suit that that requires power management for shields, cloaking and reinforced armour
      - numerous parts of the interactive environment, EG: kick cars into enemies, throw objects to distract enemies
      - multiple angles of attack from stealth to complete ambush

      How is this generic?? Yes, you are old and jaded.

        I don't know if your being sarcastic or not, because that actually sounds super generic to me.

          You guys are lost.

          You're either all too young to remember (or have completely forgotten) the late nineties, where "generic shooter" got its name. A "generic shooter" is a direct rip of something else. So much so, that a laymen not used to the original, wouldn't be able to tell the two apart. For example: Global Operations circa 2002

          Which game exactly, is Crysis 3 ripping off? (and Crysis 1 & 2 don't count, because it's a sequel! It's a given its going to be similar to it's predecessor.)

            I want to be upfront and say I think the Crysis series has always been generic. Its absolutely full of sci-fi shooter tropes. Nonetheless, it was exceptionally well executed.

            To explain why I think the series is (increasingly) generic: I'm not saying the game is a direct rip off of anything. I'm saying its generic, as in common. As in the features you specifically listed are really common to the genre.

            Suit: I'm not going to list them, but the power suit is in every sci-fi game from Doom to Halo. The whole shields/cloaking thing was in Halo 2 for example. I thought the way it worked in one was pretty distinct, but in two it was streamlined to the point of being pretty standard fare for the genre.

            The New York setting - so many games have been set in NY it has its own wikipedia entry. Literally. 'Destroyed NY' would probably constitute its own genre.

            Interactive environment and multiple pathways - thats a feature that everyone is spruiking at the moment (i.e. Far Cry 3). Although this may make the game sound generic, I don't really think that it has much bearing on whether a game is generic or not, its just the natural progression of interactive experiences. I think the more critical point is whether its done effectively. Crysis 1 was great, Crysis 2 did a pretty mediocre job of it (i.e. it was quite linear). This looks more promising - I'll play it to find out if it works as well as Far Cry 3 or Dishonored.

              The problem is, the concept of generic shooter is now used to apply to absolutely everything. The standard to not be a generic shooter is one that no game can ever exist.

              I mainly play first person shooter games and the Crysis series has always stood out as it's own thing.

              When Crysis 1 came out, it was amazing and a giant leap forward that many games have yet to do. While it's truly open world, Far Cry 3 is still a pale imitation of what was going on in Crysis 1.

              Crysis 2, it was by far the best SP FPS i played that year, maybe since. It also has a fair amount of replayability. Just try and replay BF3 SP and not get bored and quit pretty soon into it. If you're sitting there saying, linear is generic. It sure as hell offered more options for game play than BF3 SP or MW3 sp. it came out in a year when Homefront was pushed as a big FPS title...

              I do think one area Crysis 2 lost people is that it was more fun playing on the stealth side but you didn't have to. Most complaints seem as if they are coming from those that just went down the middle shooting.

              I personally found Crysis 2 just offered something non of the other big FPS games generally offer. Even though more linear than C1, you just didn't feel as on rails as most. The best aspect of Far Cry 3 is that you can play how you want. Crysis 2 did that in a non open world FPS and no other big franchise seems to do.

              I also really do think the power suit adds a great element and variation to the game play. As well as the visuals and environments. Yeah other games have been set in similar environments, but do they look as damn nice? No!

        Yeah, i'm jaded, thing is though, on any difficulty past easy, you can't do all the fancy moves like in the video, you'll be mowed down in a second.

    Is this PC played with controller or console version? Looks bloody awesome

      From a PC for sure. Devs always make preview vids on the PC through their developer kits. Looks like a bit of editing in post as well, which is normal (and they didn't flip up the "this is actual in-game footage" disclaimer).

    Gonna need a GPU upgrade before this comes out. Psyched.

    Is that guy the worst shot ever?

    Neck stab is the new head shot.

    I thought it was put together by Albert Hughes? I know they're both black but come on! Is this the same Kotaku that pointed out how Far Cry 3 was racist?

    I loved Crysis 2. It was polished but still had plenty of room for improvement. The story was better than the original and it also had one of the best scores I've ever heard. Listen to the intro music. It makes your balls tingle. I'd rate it right up there with the soundtracks for the original Total Recall, Alien 3 and Requiem For a Dream.

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