The Wii U's Lego Game Appears To Use The GamePad Well

Untethered to any movies, comics or TV shows, the Wii U's Lego City Undercover will be an entirely original Lego game from Traveller's Tales and Nintendo. We saw it at E3 and today we've got a new look at it. Pretty nice, huh?

It's slated for an early 2013 release, though it's unclear if that means it will still be released in the system's "launch window", which ends at the end of March.


    yeah, if it has solid gameplay and the trademark humour, will be getting it.

    Even if it is a little crap, will still probably get it.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the dlc attached to buying Lego sets. It kind of comes down to whether or not you want to have that particular Lego set, otherwise its fairly overpriced dlc. I hope there's an option to buy separate at least.

    Please please add Co-op before release!! Please please

    It reminds me of the joy I got from playing Lego Island as a kid! I haven't picked up a Lego title since that, though I've played Lego Indy/Batman at friends' places, but this looks promising!

    Is it me or is the video extremely choppy?

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