This Fan-Made Pokémon Remake Is In 3D And First Person

If you liked Pokémon's deep gameplay, rewarding collection system, fun beasties, and memorable soundtrack, but were vehemently opposed to its 2D, top-down perspective, then I have just the project for you. Pokémon 3D is an in-development indie title that recreates Pokémon Gold/Silver with all new first-person 3D graphics. Trippy.

Pokémon 3D is the ongoing passion project of German Nils Drescher AKA nilllzz, who's vigilantly giving the game regular content updates as he completes them. That's right: a version of Pokémon 3D is playable right now, with additions appearing weekly. You can download it now, and start to see the (Pokémon) world in a whole new way. You'll never have to look at the top of your character's head again.


    Looks terrible

      I get negative rep because I have an opinion? nice.

        Or because people just disagree and feel a downvote is a simple way to show it?

          shut up

            Made it a -4 but respect the Retro, no one likes a hater of the classics.

              hater of the classics? this isn't a classic, pokemon turned to shit here with gold and silver version. the classic good pokemon stopped at 150(+mew)

                Disagree. Gold and Silver were as good, if not better that the original.

                It was the titles that followed that made it feel like an unworthy, milked Power Rangers franchise.

        You get negative rep cause your comment was pointless.

        "I think this looks terrible because of (well reasoned point), and also (another polite, logically sound point)" might be better received. That's what starts meaningful discussion.

          While the guy seems like a bit of a docuhe, if you really believe people don't down vote things simply because they disagree with the sentiment you're being incredibly naive.

            No, I don't think I am, I think you're generalising. It depends largely on the site. While you'll obviously get a few dickheads now and then, for the most part, people on Kotaku Australia are more than capable of holding respectful discussion. This isn't YouTube.

            edit: I skimmed over what you said, I thought you were talking about the negative reaction to his comments rather than specifically the downvotes. Yeah, people will downvote either way, but there's gonna be a whole lot less kneejerk downvotes to non-kneejerk comment.

            Last edited 05/12/12 10:42 am

          An opinion doen't need to be justified. Not everything on the internet needs an full-blown bibliography! Sheesh. Accept that chestbrah doesn't like it and move on. "Meaningful discussion?" You're spending your time discussing whether someone is entitled to an opinion, if it doesn't tick off the boxes in your 'captain of the internet' list...

            You criticise me for spending my time discussing whether someone is entitled to an opinion, while you're doing the exact same thing?

            He expressed surprised at being downvoted, I told him why that was the case. I never said he wasn't allowed to express his opinion that way -- I couldn't care less, honestly I don't think the game looks particularly good either -- I just gave an answer.

              The diatribe formed of of one comment is astounding.

      Actually for a fan-made effort (and 1 person), it's pretty decent. Who cares anyway, those games were just really fun to play, and this will be too regardless of how it looks.

      PS would you still complain if you got upvoted just as much for your opinion? People disagree with what you said, no big deal.

    Aaaaand Nintendo issues a cease and desist in 3... 2... 1....

    That shop sequence was painful. And did the guy have a repel active? Jeez.

    Not a big fan of the grass when close up (at distance looks nice), and battles and shopping look really poor. Hoping they plan to do a lot more work on those.
    Other than that, really looks promising!

    I can see potential in it for sure. Lets see Link to the Past running on it and then we'll know for sure!!! ;)

    If this ever gets finished and bug fixed then I would love it! However, I agree, Nintendo will stop it.

    Unfortunately this might the closest we'll get (for a long time, anyway) to the 'full-blown 3d pokemon adventure' people are always asking for.

    and.. it might be because things are up close, but damn are there 3rd generation sprites mixed with 2nd gen? because the interiors look fine but the outsides of the buildings are pretty horrible.

    Still amazed there is not an official 3d Pokemon Online mmo. Or even one that looks similar to Ragnarok Online. One day perhaps.

      Now they are moving along with Nintendoland and getting into online functionality a little we may end up finally seeing a Pokemon MMO. Still a long shot, but not nearly as long as it was two or three years ago.

    Will it be more, or less annoying to be blocked by a tree in first person, I wonder.

      I think the 3rd dimension has made those ledges even more infuriating. They would have to be shin high!

    lol being posted on kotaku used up his bandwidth

      Yeah the game wasn't supposed to get this amount of attention that quick :D

    I kinda like it, captures the nostalgia of the old games while actually doing the 3D thing. Moreso than that though, geeeezz this must have taken a lot of work, good on the guy.

    that looks brilliant! I love it's simplicity and classic look. I wouldn't be opposed to a visual upgrade but I'd still play it as is, has a Minecraft feeeelll. he chose the right title too, I'm a big fan of the original but the Map for Gold and Silver has a much better layout plus you can revisit Kanto anyway.

    I hope he is allowed to continue this project.

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