While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to Monday and welcome to the week's first While You Were Sleeping. Wakey wakey everyone!

I was away in the wilderness for the whole weekend, so I mostly missed out on the whole BioShock Infinite new box art controversy. People hate it, right? I honestly don't care about cover art but this is a look at the impact the cover might have. This is why a bad cover actually matters.

The Wii U just had its first weekend. To be perfectly honest I don't see myself using classic controller on the Wii U at all, But just in case you have different plans, and just in case you hate the classic controller, there is a distinct possibility you'll be able to use the PS2 controller instead.

This is a new console. Apparently it makes its own video games. What? These are the winners of the 2012 Saxxy's for excellence in Team Fortress 2 movie making and this is a good outsiders guide to the Brony Phenomenon.

In Short Hate Using The Classic Controller On The Wii U? Use The PS2's Instead Here Are The Winners Of The 2012 Saxxy's For Excellence In Team Fortress 2 Movie Making The Herd Outsider's Guide To The Brony Phenomenon I'm Not Quite Sure What To Make Of Oton, A Console That Promises To Self Create Games Yes, BioShock Infinite's Cover Is Terrible And Yes, That Actually Matters


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