Wing Commander And Alpha Centauri Feature In GOG's Latest Xmas Surprise

Steam tends to get most of the limelight when we hit a hot sales period like Christmas, but don't forget about GOG! The digital distributor is handing out its fair share of festive deals, with its latest reveal not so much a discount, but rather a meaty set of additions — it's come to an arrangement with EA to sell the expansions to classics Wing Commander and Alpha Centauri.

Wing Commander 1 and 2, Wing Commander Privateer and Alpha Centauri are the winners of the deal, with the original Wing Commander games boosted by no less than four expansions:

  • Wing Commander: The Secret Missions
  • Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2 Crusade
  • Wing Commander II: Special Operations 1
  • Wing Commander II: Special Operations 2

The bounty is a little less fruitful for Alpha Centauri and Wing Commander Privateer, with each getting one expansion: Alien Crossfire and Righteous Fire, respectively.

The best bit is if you've already purchased these games from GOG, you'll get the expansions free. If you haven't grabbed them yet and wouldn't mind a bit of old school sim / strategy action over the break, each (with expansions) will set you back an agreeable $US2.99.

Holiday Update: EA Expansions [GOG]


    There's the other piece to this puzzle (tho I just took another gander @ the GOG news post, it's weird that it doesn't mention other games that they've had similar success to license additional content...)
    Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous Fire is also up on GOG now as well as 'American Revolt' for Syndicate!

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