A Game Inspired By All Your Other Favourite Games

"I blended classic Zelda and dark science fiction and drank the ensuing mixture", writes indie developer John S Park, aka 6e6e6e. "It was Radio the Universe."

And it looks terrific.

"Players will feel aesthetic and gameplay influences from titles like Yume Nikki, Symphony of the Night, Hotline Miami and Dark Souls", Park adds describing his own game, "with a tinge of 2D JRPGs thrown into the mix. RtU is a challenging and atmospheric sci-fi game with SNES-style visuals and a sinister, offbeat narrative."

Radio The Universe is currently up on Kickstarter, and I'd suggest maybe you should find it, only the original $US12,000 asking price has been more than doubled already, so maybe that's a moot topic. Maybe after watching the trailer above you just can't help giving the dude some cash to get this made.

Radio the Universe [Kickstarter]


    If you haven't yet, go back this game! It looks amazing!


    Bam, backed it, backed it hard!

    There's a great sense of humour on the page. Not only are some of the tier rewards amusing, but this is listed as a feature of the game:

    * Players who die in-game die in real life.

    And this:

    If you're exceedingly bad at video games, then consult your video games doctor. You can also wait for a nearby star to perish and automatically win the game. It's in the code.

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