And The Number Two R18+ Game Is…

And The Number Two R18+ Game Is…

The Classification Board is wasting no time in doling out our exciting new R18+ rating. We’ll have to play the game to tell for sure, but if the gore involved in Spartacus Legends is all that qualifies for an R18+ rating, we can expect many more to come.

Spartacus Legends is based on the popular TV show, which, to be fair, was soft porn. Violence and sex were the two things on its agenda, and while it’s unlikely the latter of those two are a big part of the game, violence is pretty much a given.

It’s that type of violence that has routinely been classified as MA15+ in Australia, though, and the Classification Board may want to leave itself somewhere to go when presented with truly disturbing themes, instead of just exaggerated violence.

Set for download on XBLA and PSN, Legends will let you fight in the arena as well as managing your own Ludus, equiping and training your gladiators.

Spartacus Legends given R rating in Australia [Player Attack]


    • Why would GTA be R18+?? The previous titles were 15+.. if nothing extra was added in terms of questionable content, why would a previously rated 15+ title suddenly be 18+? That makes no sense.

      • Half the reason we wanted a R18+ category is because games such as GTA that SHOULD have been R18+ were slipping through as MA15+ instead, usually with just minor modifications (or sometimes none at all).

      • That was always the cause for debate now wasn’t. But it never should have been available to 15 year olds, and pretty soon – with R18+ it more than likely never will be again.

      • Like it or not this will happen. The point was to give the ratings board a broader range of options. A lot of games released in the past would have received an R18 rating if it were available. They weren’t quite bad enough to be refused classification, so they got an MA.

        But to the original post, no MK and GTA don’t deserve to be first and second. That’s a bit nonsensical. The first and second to be rated R are the first and second games that are submitted that deserve that classification. That’s really not a hard one to work out. Neither have been submitted for classification, so how on earth do they become the first R rated games?

        • I agree with Ben J, it’s weird that you guys are talking about game classifications like it’s a review score or something

        • At least Mortal Kombat 9 is getting resubmitted next month as the Komplete Edition (so it’s got new content and it’s been two years since the last submission), so it’ll probably be in the first ten R rated games. That said, it’s not something that should be worn as a badge of honour or anything like that. It’s just a rating.

        • “Neither have been submitted for classification”

          MK (9) was and it was RC. Both original and GOTY (Vita) versions. Under the old system.

      • You’re aware every single major GTA game released at retail has been censored eventually in Australia right? Due to the ratings… an R rating would stop this.

  • I hope that this is not a trend of things to come where everything in “too hard” category is dumped into R18+.. it would be a shame to go from being unbiased and objective on games to where even a little gore, depending on the current political climate, gets it labelled as R18+. I am 36 years old, so it doesn’t bother me in regards to being able to buy them.. but would bother me if we started to see similar games that were placed within the 15+ category now suddenly falling into the R18+ category because the censor board is erring on the side of caution etc

    • I think the more R18 games the better. I sell video games, and I am so sick and tired of seeing parents buy their 9 year old children MA15+ games because they aren’t educated enough. Those kids aren’t allowed to see MA15+ movies at a cinema, so why would you let them play an MA15+ video game? Parents freak out when they see the R for Rockstar on GTA, but when I tell them it’s actually MA15, it’s suddenly fine. Doesn’t make sense to me!

      • Hopefully, all those parents will see the big black diamond with 18+ in the middle from now on and finally make the right choices for their kids.

        • No chance. When was the last time you saw an ad educating people of the rating system? It’s been a loooooong ass time. There are new parents and new Australians every day, people who may not be aware.

      • You really think R18+ will prevent parents from buying these games? that’s pretty naive even if it was X18+ these parents would still buy it.

        • Parents might try, but selling it to parents for their kids gets the same fines as buying alcohol for them. So I cant see a lot of stores being too casual about it.

          • From the NSW Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Act:

            s30 (1A) A person must not sell or deliver to a minor a computer game classified R 18+, or an unclassified computer game that would, if classified, be classified R 18+, unless the person is a parent or guardian of the minor.

            And even then:

            s30 (1B) It is a defence to a prosecution for an offence under subsection (1A) to prove that:
            (a) the minor, before being sold or delivered the computer game, produced to the defendant (or the defendant’s employee or agent) documentary evidence that might reasonably be accepted as applying to the minor and as showing that the minor was an adult, or
            (b) the defendant (or the defendant’s employee or agent) believed on reasonable grounds that the minor was an adult, or
            (c) the minor was employed by the defendant and the delivery took place in the course of that employment.

            Alcohol is slightly more restricted, since it is illegal for a minor to possess or consume alcohol in public, but a parent can flat out tell a shop owner they are buying the booze for their kid to drink at home, and as long as they don’t give it to the kid until they get there, nothing illegal has happened.

          • When I did my RSA back in 2011, we were informed that the NSW liquor laws had changed to no one under the age of 18 being allowed to consume alcohol even in the privacy of their own home with adult supervision. Whilst in Victoria it was legal for any child over the age of (16 I think) to have a glass of wine with lunch in any licensed restaurant.

          • No, It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to consume alcohol in Victoria any where except in a private home with parents premission. I’ve worked in the liqour industry since 2008.

          • In NSW it’s slightly more restrictive than that. Adult supervision isn’t sufficient – it has to be with the permission of a parent or guardian:

            s7 (4) Supplying liquor to minors on other premises
            A person must not supply liquor to a minor on any premises other than licensed premises unless the person is a parent or guardian of the minor. It is a defence to a prosecution for an offence under subsection (4) if it is proved that the defendant was authorised to supply liquor to the minor by the parent or guardian of the minor.

            As I understand it, the law was changed because previously it was permissible to serve booze to kids other than your own on your premises (so the party was always at the house of the kid with the most permissive parents). Now you have to have the OK of every child’s parent or guardian.

            But again, as long as can demonstrate you have the parents’ consent, you could legally sell a minor your store’s entire stock. Or, to stay on topic, your entire stock of R-rated games.

        • It brings in actual repercussions if the stores DO sell the games to minors. Thats what it does. Stop fuelling the ACL.

      • But kids at any age can see a MA15+ rated movie as long as they’re with an adult.
        I’m not saying that it’s okay, but that’s the way it is.

      • Actually if the parent is with them then they can see 15+ movies. Instead of educating parents, why are games that before jan 1st that would have been ma are now being put under r18

      • correction:
        The “MA15+” rating is restricted to those 15 and over, those under 15 cannot legally play or buy the game without being accompanied by a legal guardian. The same applies to film.

      • Of course but that’s not my point. I am just concerned that any game that currently does not match with the political climate (ie. currently there’s a big kafuffle about gun laws) will get automatically lumped with the R18+ title yet previous to that it would have gone into the 15+ basket. Now they have this R18+, it is open to abuse just as much as 15+ and RC were in the past.

    • “ would be a shame to go from being unbiased and objective on games..”

      The classification board were never unbiased and objective on games 🙂

  • question: if its a psn/xbl download, whats stopping any kid/joe bloggs buying it? (ie. in a store there is a sales person asking for ID)

    • Nothing. I’m 16 and I just bought Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel on JB-HI-FI online this morning. Thats rated R, and there was nothing in place to stop me.

  • It was well established that many of the MA titles should really have been rated R. Razors Edge and this game are most likely on the lower end of the R category. Have you seen the diversity of R rated movies? We have tongue in cheek violence in Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers, but seriously disturbing stuff in movies such as Irreversible.

    The R rating can’t magically fill up. Whether games are on the lower end or upper end as they are in every rating, is irrelevant. The legislation makes way for all sorts of stuff. I can’t see Mortal Kombat or L4D2 having any issues getting an R rating, I mean be realistic. They aren’t going to ban these for adults. Australians are going to have to get out of their old paranoid thinking about classification laws.

    Once MK or L4D2 is passed are you going to be satisfied that things have changed? FYI the new Castlevania game was classified MA.

    Remember this: Not all games are going to be upper end R18+. Some will be pseudo-MA, some will be in the middle and some will be “without the R rating that would be banned”.

      • Not only is Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge an updated version of the original Ninja Gaiden 3 (rather than being the same game, and therefore requires to be submitted as a separate game), but they’ve returned decapitation and dismemberment to the series (which vanilla NG3 didn’t have) and upped the gore and blood to pretty heavy levels. NG3: Razor’s Edge should most definitely be rated R here.

  • What I think is great is;
    1) we in the community are HAPPY these games are getting the highest certificate, these shouldn’t be in the hands of children.
    2) Proof the system works, this would have been MA15+… which is absolute BS.

        • Who cares? I guess we all should really… shoehorning can go both ways. If they flood the R rating with games that could be MA, then, well…

          WTF was the point again of an MA rating????

          • Good point. I have never understood the need for the MA rating. Just have G, PG, M and R. It’s much more straightforward. Having the extra granularity just confuses IMO.

          • I believe originally it was for ‘those movies that are too much for M but not enough for R’. To me thats a bit dopey. Not one SAW movie is suitable for MA. Not one. Even the original SAW should be R rated. Every single one of them is a well deserved R rating but sits pleasantly in the MA category but for 7 which is R18. 3 is by far the most displeasantly graphic with the ‘bone rack’.

  • So if there was a game about deep relationships, sorry not game, more a digital experience and had love making, erotic teasing, stimulating exercises.. would that get through? In the case of Conan, what If the developers went the sex stuff instead of cliche violence?? Instead of making us better fighters, why not better lovers? Just a thought… Maybe one day. Anyone remember that scene in demolition man?

  • “and it’s been two years since the last submission”

    Distributors could have always got around the 2 year thing by substantially changing a game from the state it was in when it was RC. Then having the different version rated. Then hoping it’s not RC again.

    It should be a badge of honour 🙂

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