Australian Wants To Make 'Sneaky Bastards' Video Game Magazine

Aussie writer Daniel Hindes, who has run a niche site called Sneaky Bastards for a while, wants to take the idea of discussing stealth games to a more tangible format. Hence, Sneaky Bastards, the magazine.

Promising that the magazine will feature 100 per cent new content (as in nothing that has been on the site before), the first issue also has a stunning front cover, courtesy of British artist AJ Hately, who we've featured here before.

It's hoped that the print run can be a way of "producing more of a substantial, long-form, long-lasting analysis and exploration of stealth gaming in a format that this kind of material is designed to be read and consumed in."

You can check out more, and contribute, below. Which you should. The internet is a wonderful place to read about cats and fake trailers, but this kind of in-depth discussion about such a dedicated topic is perfect for dead trees between your fingers.

Sneaky Bastards [Kickstarter]


    Pledge £90 to get a physical copy pffffft pull your head out of your arse

    It's kind of interesting that they're trying to start a physical magazine of an online source in a time when magazines are being killed off in favour of online sources. Still, I wish them success in their endeavours.

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