Clearly, The Time Is Right For A Great Jurassic Park Game

Clearly, The Time Is Right For A Great Jurassic Park Game

Over the last couple of weeks, Jurassic Park has been just about everywhere. On websites. On social media. Beneath the earth, frozen in amber. We’ve all got Jurassic fever, and it’s been wonderful.

I blame Far Cry 3 for my own Jurassic fixation. That game’s lush island setting is just begging for some dinosaurs. And surely news of Jurassic Park 4‘s 2014 release date (hopefully sans dino-human hybrid commandos) and the coming 3D re-release of the original film have both helped keep velociraptors in the zeitgeist.

Whatever it is, we’ve all got dinosaurs on the brain. Clearly, the time is right for a new Jurassic Park video game.

Let’s track all the Jurassic Park stuff that’s surfaced lately.

First, there’s this joking “ad” for Dinosaur downloadable add-on content for Far Cry 3, which, well, if they ever DO make dino-based DLC, let’s hope it’s this bananas.

In addition to all our Far Cry 3 talk, there’s this volunteer-made Jurassic Park game called Jurassic Life in the works, using the Half-Life engine. Impressive.

And there are a couple of other independent Jurassic Park game-attempts out there, this one via Reddit as collected by Craig Person at RockPaperShotgun. This one’s a stab at remaking the 1998 PC game Jurassic Park: Trespasser in the Unity engine by Colin Kay.

Who then went ahead and made the whole thing again in CryEngine 2. (No dinosaurs yet, unfortunately.)

Neither of those last two are perhaps as impressive-looking as Jurassic Life (that may change once there are dinosaurs), though it’s hard not to get excited about these allegedly in-game images from another Trespasser remake (also via RPS) that look about exactly how I’d expect a current-day Jurassic Park game to look. That amazing image up top is from this collection. Here’s another one:



It’s hard to say when any of these games will see the light of day. But one thing seems clear: We are starving for a good Jurassic Park game, and whoever is first to release a proper, Far Cry 3-like dinosaur adventure game will make a mint.

My own Jurassic Park gaming memories mostly consist of two games. The first is Jurassic Park for the Sega Game Gear, which I played the heck out of. It was cool enough, but hardly the amazing adventure that Jurassic Park fans really deserve. Here, you can see a Let’s Play by Arrow Quivershaft. Man, memories.

My other memory is of reading about (yes, reading about) the Sega CD take on the series, which looked so much cooler back then than it does now. Here’s NailStrafer playing it. Gah, that awful music.

I never did play the SNES Jurassic Park game, though there does seem to be plenty of love for it. So I’ll include a video of that, too. Here’s a Lets’ Play from Christopher The Knight.

Those games came out ages ago. But in the interim… what a dry spell it’s been. There was Telltale’s by-all-accounts lackluster Jurassic Park: The Game. There was also Primal Carnage, which was more of a quick Dinos vs. Humans deathmatch game. Past those two, not much, and certainly nothing like the open-world, first-person adventure game we’re all hoping for.

Come on, game-makers! Jurassic Park 4 is coming out! The licence is hot! My one piece of advice: Don’t try to make Jurassic Park 4: The Game. Don’t tie this to a film’s release schedule. Use the dinosaurs, but make it its own thing. Follow the Arkham Asylum model. We’ve waited this long for a decent Jurassic Park game; we can wait a bit longer.

The world is ready. Here’s hoping the right people get together to make it happen.


  • I liked the telltale game, it was an interesting story told well and an enjoyable little diversion.
    But it wasn’t the Jurrassic park game that I wanted, worth the money but not THE Jurassic park game

  • That would indeed be awesome.

    For years I dreamt of a great looking dinosaur game where you would be on their territory and not very powerful so you your business would be to survive. Eventually the game I was wishing for actually got made, King Kong, the game of the Peter Jackson movie did everything I ever wanted from a dinosaur game.

    Having said that I’d love to see the concept brought to life on today’s technology.

  • Man Trespasser brings back some memories. That game had so many flaws and problems… But I still absolutely loved it. Actually played through it again just last year. Plenty of moments in that game still make my shit my pants. Still my favorite dinosaur based game I’ve ever played. Don’t think any others have quite captured that feeling of isolation and tension of surviving.

    • How was it replaying?

      Weren’t the graphics too bad? Or are there decent mods? Also how’d it go windows 7?

      I loved the game as well. Flaws and all. Also for the time it came out, it was amazing the scope and scale.

      I’ve been waiting for someone to remake it in CryEngine or something for so long. Sadly I doubt it’ll ever happen.

      • The graphics honestly didn’t bother me at all. Probably because the actual world design and everything was just so well done and believable, so it was still pretty immersive. The sound design was pretty great as well; the minimal music, the sound of birds and what not in the jungle (and those cool little speeches by Hammond)… Still crapped myself hearing the sudden snarl of a raptor coming at you from behind XD

        I really do think the game was and still is amazing. You don’t usually see FPS games like that now where things are stripped bare ie. No hud what so ever, limited ammo, the ability to pick up and use pretty much any object in the game. I really thought that kind of level of world interaction would be more common place, but the only game I can think of that’s matched it since it came out is Half Life 2.

        If they ever release another Jurassic Park game soon, I hope they do something similar in style to Trespasser.

    • Good to see that this many years on, people still talk about it.
      That is the sign of a good game. Sure it had some glaring flaws, and the combat was clunky and awkward, but there was certainly something about that game (and your points on ‘capturing the isolation and survival aspects’ are where the bulk of the nostalgia is coming from).

      If the JP franchise were to spawn a new FPS, I’d certainly hope it be in the same vein.
      (and hopefully one with an engaging and engrossing plot, instead of ‘tropical island, with Guns AAAND DINOSAURS!!)

  • I can really go for a next gen sequel to Operation Genesis!
    I have good memories from that awesome game and seeing the quality of the Rex in the screenshot gave me the chills!… Just imagine that level of detail or better in a park builder!

  • I liked the PC/Amiga version of Jurassic Park. Came out around the same time the SNES and Mega Drive versions did, and was different again to those two. Like the SNES it combined top-down isometric gameplay with first person gameplay, but unlike the SNES it split the game into two very distinct parts to do this. The first person section was also one of the first games I remember that actually moved the gun to the side of the screen like we see in every shooter now, rather than being in the middle of the screen like we saw in games like Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.

  • Totally agree that Arkham Asylum is the perfect analogue for showing the potential of what a Jurassic Park game could be if handed to the right people with the right vision 🙂

  • I recently played through the original Dino Crisis on PC. Hadn’t played it for years. Sure, there was pangs of Nostalgia, though actually the game wasn’t that bad. Clunky Gameplay, standard Resident Evil style action and weapons, but damn it the Atmosphere and Experience was an enjoyable one! Now i need to play the second one for Closure, remembering to Negate the fact that the third entry in the series (xbox?) indeed ever existed!

  • Pmc in far cry 3 often say “at least it inst that island with dinosaurs on it” right before I push my machete through them. So it’s either a jp reference for the hell of it. Or Far cry 3 is getting a dinosaur expansion. It would sell its arse of. So its going to happen

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