I Don't Like Halo 4's Spartan Ops, But I Enjoy Its Trailers

As much as I enjoyed Halo 4, I've barely touched the Spartan Ops section of the game and, if anything, I actually sort of resent its existence. Spartan Ops essentially replaced Firefight which I loved.

Firefight, to me, was a beautiful thing. It was Halo stripped back to its absolute core. No hokey story, just the 30 seconds of fun thing, over and over again, in different situations, with different enemies. Of all the 'shooter as tower defence' mini games, I always enjoyed Halo's the most, over and above Nazi Zombies, or Gears of War's Horde mode.

Spartan Ops is about to launch into episode 8 of its 'first season' and, I have to admit, even if I'm not really bothering to play Spartan Ops, I sure as hell enjoy its trailers! They're super well produced and look incredible. The latest is no exception. I barely have context for what the hell is going, but it looks good regardless. Maybe someone could take the time to explain it to me!


    You really should start playing SPOPS. The first 5 episodes had some work to do by way of repetitive sections and if you play solo heroic/legendary be prepared for some less than desirable waves of enemies.

    However the second half of the season, episode 6 & 7, has been outstanding in my opinion. A very marked improvement in design, enemy encounters and flow of the enemy waves. I loved ODST firefight the most but if you play with mates then SPOPS has plenty to offer these days.

    Well worth the getting into now.

      Maybe I'll give it a bash based both yours and @kraiglitch's recommendation! :)

      Yeah, I'll third that. I thought co-op (legendary) had some pretty good moments on the first 5 episodes, but eps 6-7 are excellent. New maps, big set pieces, interesting objectives - approaching campaign quality imho.

    Definitely agree, first five were nothing special, a passable mode at best with some cool cutscenes. But the latest two episodes are just brilliant, and this weeks cutscene made me squeal, such a perfect little glimpse into Halsey's character. Personally I hope Halo 5 brings back firefight tho, but only if they keep Spartan Ops too.

    Dude you should totally play Spartan Ops instead of just hating it,you never know what a game mode is like till you have played it for a while.
    For me Spartan Ops is such a great mode i love playing it Co-Op makes it more fun ^_^

    Spartan Ops is pretty fun, especially on legendary. I wish it had both Spartan Ops and Firefight though.

    Spartan ops online is a massive let-down. It's like they forgot how do deal with the inevitable lag. Any lag throttles your frame rate :-(

    I haven't been playing Spartan Ops, but the story is surprisingly engaging, and it's easy to follow even without the gameplay sections. The HaloWaypoint YouTube channel has all the episodes up. I'd recommend you watch them at the very least.

    Just watch the cutscenes. They're amazing and well produced. The missions are hardly critical to understanding the over arching plot, some are not even related.

    Wow, that trailer goes for 49 seconds but it's 29 seconds of logos and only 20 seconds of actual trailer.

    I love episode 1 lol The Infinity come out of slipspace and just mosies on through a covenant supercarrier as if it wern't there haha

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