MightyApe's Mighty One-Day Sale

The folks over at Mightyape are offering a bit of a bargain, for one day only. If you somehow missed the massive Steam sales over the new year period, or maybe you're just a console person, have a browse - it goes up to 80% off.

Whether it's on the massive Steam sales, or in a situation like this, and I see a game that's discounted from $110 to around $60, I think, "Great. They've gone and made it the price it should be. The price before a ridiculous mark-up is applied that we only have to tolerate because we keep paying it."

But hey, you may as well get it cheaper than usual, and there are some genuine deals in there.

Here are some quick ones we spotted:

Dark Souls - $20

Dragon's Dogma - $31

Saint's Row: The Third - $7

Batman: Arkham City - $23

Mass Effect 3 - $26

Portal 2 - $20

Those probably won't last. Check out the sale here. Happy hunting!


    Own 4 out of the 6, played 5 out of the 6

    That is some great savings

      own 6/6 here

      All of these are great games however the two JRPG's listed are of a acquired taste.

      There are over 1,000 games in the sale, not just these six.

        I figured that

        I was just going by what they posted

        I'll have to have a look

        Come on paycheck!

    Dishonoured for $47? Yes please.

    yeh, some games on there seem to be at an alright price,
    but if you go places like EB, steam and ozgame shop, these sorts of prices are around all year long

      Agreed. And a bunch of those games are actually cheaper in EB and JBHifi right now.

      I know, I never thought I'd type the phrase "cheaper in EB" but there it is.

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