‘Powerful Grenade Mods’ Plentiful This Weekend In Borderlands 2

‘Powerful Grenade Mods’ Plentiful This Weekend In Borderlands 2

Increasing the drop rate on grenades sounds like a dangerous thing in real life. For Gearbox’s shooter RPG Borderlands 2 however, a boosted drop rate is a lovely event, even if it’s only for a day or so.

The increase is to celebrate the upcoming release of “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt”, the game’s third lot of downloadable content. According to this blog post on Gearbox’s website, grenades might not be the only item getting a transient boost in drop rates during the game’s so-called “Gear Up Weekend” and we should expect more news tomorrow.

Respecting the game’s availability internationally, the blog post includes links to timeanddate.com that will convert the US times and dates into local versions automatically. I’m not sure how long Gearbox has been doing this, but I’d say all major developers who hold these types of events should take note.

Also of interest is that Gearbox has the ability to tweak drop rates for Borderlands 2 without the need for a patch — you have to be connected to the internet to benefit from the change. Makes you realise just how connected games are these days beyond DRM and multiplayer.

Borderlands 2 Gear Up Weekend [Gearbox, via Examiner]


  • I think yesterday they had an increased drop rate on shotguns. I was playing through the Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty DLC yesterday and noticed a fair amount of decent level shotguns dropping for me.

      • I agree that difficulty spikes can make for memorable and exciting moments in a game, like naively wandering into Duriel’s Lair for the first time in Diablo 2. But fiddling with the balance as a way to influence early release review scores, increase IAPs or as part of promotions is just sucky.

  • Gearbox had been using that site for quite a while now. They tend to link it for timed events and for initial Golden Key drops when they expired based on a time.

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