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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    I missed the movies people are looking forward to?

    DAMMIT @dc! Fine then. I'll make my own list!

    Gangster Squad
    Django Unchained
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Movie 43
    OZ: The Great and Powerful
    Iron Man 3
    Evil Dead
    Star Trek Into Darkness
    Monsters University
    Man of Steel
    Despicable Me 2
    Pacific Rim
    The Wolverine
    Kick Ass 2
    The World's End

    And finally - Why does this even exist? Stop the world, I want to get off.

    Plus more I'm sure I missed. Mostly smaller movies that people probably won't care for.

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      Not sure about the whole Evil Dead remake. Pacific Rim sounds like the best kind of pulpy spectacle!

        I'm surprised it's on there as well. The fact that Bruce Campbell has come out and said it is looking awesome has got me a little hyped for it.

          At the same time, I'm not exactly feeling Raimi's Oz either. After Spider-Man 3 he lost a lot of street cred for me personally. I hear he made up for it with Drag Me to Hell, but I haven't seen it. :P

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            Drag Me To Hell was awesome. It's a classic Raimi horror movie. Minus the blood. Which didn't bother me. It proves that horror movies can be good without lots of violence and gore. Which is kind of ironic as that's how Raimi made his name.

              Minus the blood!?

              MINUS THE BLOOD!?!?!



                Compared to other Raimi horror movies. Although now that I think about it Army of Darkness wasn't overly bloody either.

                  SEE THIS? THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!

            You're coming 'round soon to watch it, then.

            Because it's amazing.

      Star Trek: Sherlock

      Was sort of keen for Gangster Squad (Because I want to see that guy! Josh Brolin! I like Josh Brolin.) but I saw a trailer where I think there was something akin to dubstep and I was all "What."

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      Forgot Gangster Squad.

      Not sure about Movie 43, when your ads are "It's sooooooo messed up" you're setting yourselves up for a fall.

      I wanna add "The ABC's of Death" to my list.

      Looks raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.


        ABCs of Death looks...different.

          So did Hall Pass and it was fucking terrible.

          Hall Pass more like Hell Pass...

        Mmm, some rather great directors on that ABC's one

          Will you be back in town after the 17th?

          It's coming out on US iTunes so you should come 'round and we can watch it and shit.

            I'd be so up for that, but won't be back til late Jan. And even then I'll be house hunting with my sister :/

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      Oh man, I didn't know there were so many movies coming out this year that I'm interested in. Still gotta see The Hobbit, Wreck-It Ralph and Les Miserables.

        Having seen two of those three, you definitely need to see them.

        I'd definitely recommend Les Miserables if you don't mind three hours of constant singing. Production values are awesome and visuals are pretty to look at. Probably helps if you're willing to forgive stuff like characters falling in love without speaking too.

      Yeah well, I'm RElisting mine, because only DC replied and I'm desperate for attention. And there's movies deserved of attention too. But not as much as me.

      Only God Forgives - reteaming of Gosling with Drive director
      The Place Beyond The Pines - reteaming of Gosling with Blue Valentine director
      Mama - very promising looking horror With Jessica Chastain, who is currently on an amazing streak of films
      Great Gatsby - because Leo + Carrey + Baz, with bonus points for Joel Edgerton
      Oz whatever whatever - because Raimi
      Sin City: A Dame To Kill For - because Sin City

      edit: *cough* *cough*

      Last edited 02/01/13 3:17 pm

        I thought I replied!

        That Only God Forgives poster got me excited.

      Hmmm, I think Star Trek is going to be the only film I get to see this year. We'll see.
      Nothing else I'm foaming for, though.


        Edit: If this isn't clear, I'm telling you that you should be foaming for Django Unchained. Because Tarantino is a genius. And also Christoph Waltz. And also Leonardo DiCaprio.

        Last edited 02/01/13 2:47 pm

          That one's Tarantino, right? I loved Pulp Fiction, but only lukewarm to his other films.

          Edit: Well, your edit makes me look a little silly :P

          Last edited 02/01/13 2:49 pm

            I'm not a huge Tarantino fan either. I can see there's quality in everyone of his movies, but it just never clicks with me for whatever reason. (Then again, I haven't seen Pulp Fiction.)

              I'm beginning to doubt that you've ever actually seen any movies.

                Haha! Yeah, pile of shame for gaming is almost non-existant but when it comes to movies I could watch something new every night for ages and still not catch up with everyone else. :S


              I... DON'T EVEN...

                Man, this page is making me feel inadequate.

                  It's ok DC ... I've never seen it either. I've also never seen the original terminator, The Thing, The goonies, Bram Stoker's Dracula or Any of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies.

            Even Reservoir Dogs? From what I gather online, without going too far so as to spoil it for myself, Django is fantastic. At least check the trailer out.

              I like Reservoir Dogs more than Pulp Fiction.

              There, I said it.

                This is a perfectly valid statement. I honestly couldn't tell you which one I prefer. I suspect if you ask me in about a month I'll be able to tell you it's Django.

                I'm really excited for Django.

        The World's End?

        You don't want to see Mark reteam with his buddy Nick?

          I ... had no idea this existed. Add it to the list.

      I do mean to watch a lot more movies this year!

    Things are boring here, I want to spend my Gift Day money on nerf guns, but stupid Amazon UK wont take my card.


    EDIT - Well that didn't work

    Last edited 02/01/13 2:30 pm



    Also, tonight I shall order pizza, as I did not each lunch

    Also, I need petrol for my car, so hopefully I get paid before I try to get petrol.....

    Edit* Because you all need to know and I am hella bored

    More fact sabout the life of Spaghett

    Today, I have to stay until five an anwser the phones

    I also have to try to get some washing done

    I don't get home until 7:50

    And I won't get to hang it outside

    I have applied to have a flex day on Monday

    And *in before comments of how sweet/sappy/annoying it is* that means I get to spend more time with Samantha

    And more time with the lady in my life I have been neglecting, The Lounge :D

    Last edited 02/01/13 3:08 pm

      No one has replied and that makes it look like no one cares. So this is me telling you I care.

      I care about you.

        and I care about you

        Thank you

        I kind of don't expect anyone to care, or at least voice their cares

        It's a bunch of bollocks about my life

        But it was a good a place to put it as any

          The upvote is my way of showing care. :P Have another!

    Who's up for more Dungeon Defending at some point this week?

      Me! \o/
      Name a day and a time and I'll (most likely) be there!

      I'm down for it.

      Seriously I'll attend this time.

      Oh I had fun last time and was totally going to say I'm up for it but then I forgot I uninstalled it :P

      Considering I missed out on the first lot, and my brother recently got hooked into Diablo 3 *A little late he is* I would like to try to play, but again

      A brother recently addicted to Diablo 3 makes gaming harder

    Because I was absent:

    In which we discuss love. And "Young Karl" the playa.


      Please make an episode about Danuary.

    Replaying Warhammer 40,000: SPACE MARINE.

    I like it. It takes itself seriously but knows that the players aren't. Everything explodes and there's this great weightiness to everything. The weightiness is probably the best part, wading through a horde of Orks with a chain sword is a pretty special feeling and when even the pistol makes everyone explodes in a very satisfying way, the game is just straight up fun.

    Playing on PC instead of console this time. The only thing different is that using a keyboard and mouse makes me more inclined to shoot instead of melee.

      That game deserved a sequel :(

        I just tweeted that I'd love to see a game like this for every race.

          Probably wouldn't work too well with some of the other races, though.
          For example, the Tau rely upon teamwork and overwhelming long-range fire support, the Eldar are too specialised and mystical, the Tyranids are too chompy, the Imperial Guard are too squishy.
          It could work for Chaos, and Orks.

            Space Marines were pretty much the only choice for this style of game but it would be an interesting thing to see the other races have a game to highlight them in some way.

            Eldar would probably need some sort of Sonic Heroes style thing where you just switch between the specialisations. Tau maybe a tactical squad based shooter (with you directing other squads to push enemies into better positions to shoot them?

            It's a fun thought experiment.

            Imperial Guard would be a survival horror. One dude trying to survive while the rest of his army is destroyed.

              The Tau had a shooter - Firewarrior. Wasn't too bad.

    Re: 2013 movies.

    Isn't the new Mad Max supposed to come out this year? Given I'll watch anything with Tom Hardy in it, I'll put that on my list.

    @spaghett @saturday @crazyguy1990 @tofu @tigerion @beavwa @greenius

    OK, looks like a bit of a demand. Tomorrow night, 8pm SA time, I'll get it up on the Steam group. Add me on Steam (red_artifice) and we may need to go in two groups if there's a few of us.

      I won't be playing since I uninstalled the game so there's an extra spot

        Fair enough- although you've got 24hrs if you want to reinstall...

          I'm addicted to Far Cry 3 at the moment so I've got animals to kill!

      You and me are already Steam buddies :)

      ... you picked the one day I've actually got plans. I'll be free on friday/the weekend if for some reason if you wanted some more

    Man it's hot today. It's 20.6 degrees!

    I found out today that two of my friends are moving down to Hobart for Uni next month! I won't be alone! My biggest worry was not knowing anyone, so this seriously calms me.


    Last edited 02/01/13 4:13 pm

      "My head feels like it's going to explode!" - D.C.

      I saw that sneaky edit.

        Oh, man. I decided against the emo post. Thanks a lot. :P

        Last edited 02/01/13 4:16 pm

          This is why I wish we didn't have an edit button. Before the edit button you had no option to second guess what you'd posted. It's silly. Commit to your words!

          Last edited 02/01/13 4:18 pm


            @dc, Heroin

            Not editing

            Just naming drugs

    So, I went into EB today, looking to see if I could pick up a copy of the Adventure Time game.

    I walked out with a WiiU and a copy of ZombiU.

    I don't think I should ever be given money.

    (As a side note, I think the ACT is the state with the highest percentage of people with WiiU's now(aka. the state with the highest number of money wasting fools). Admittedly, it's 2 people, which is like, 50%, but meh, whatever.)

      Haha! I assume that means you've been paid once and for all! Congrats, man!

        Last time I worked here I was using a different bank account, and my boss paid it into that, so I went down to the bank and it's all good now. But man, goodbye my money, goodbye my friends, you are spent on shit, you've been spent on shit by meeeee.

          The Wii U will keep you warm at night, man. Regret nothing! :D

      I have no idea what you're talking about in that last part...

      TAYnames people add etc.

      So is ZombiU (and Nintendo Land) your only games?

        Indeedily. While I don't have Mario fatigue, as the last I played was Galaxy, I still decided to skip on it, and ummm, hmmm, I can't think of what the other launch games are...

          Wait... you didn't even play 3D Land? Get on it!

          I love 3D Mario as that's what I grew up with and 2D Mario is okay I guess. I didn't think I had Mario fatigue either since the last 2D Mario game I played was NSMB on the DS yet I felt like everything was the same and it just wasn't that fun anymore.

          Got especially hard to work through after playing the Rayman Legends demo :P (which is $42 at Video Ezy btw)

            Yeah, I'm pretty bad at buying games, something about the lack of money I usually have.

      I think the highest number of money wasting fools is entirely accurate. I don't even particularly want a WiiU, but I've come so close to buying one a couple of times now.

        I kept telling myself over the month that I wouldn't buy one, and that I should wait for a revision, or a price drop.

        The moment I was at the desk, all my resolve disappeared.

          That new console feeling is worth it though, right? :D

      I'm holding out for Monster Hunter at least.

        Pikmin 3/Rayman Legend one-two punch for me!

          Rayman Legends for me is a game I would buy if I got the system, but not a game I would buy the system to have.

            Yeah, that's true. Pikmin 3, though? That's a system seller for me atleast. The others are some of the most played games on my Wii. (I bought the new play control re-releases!)

            Last edited 02/01/13 5:56 pm

              I still need to play them :(. I had a few hours in the first one on Gamecube and I kept telling myself "oh I'll finish them just before 3 comes out!" and of course 3 was 'announced' for years before anything significant was revealed. :P

              Last edited 02/01/13 6:52 pm

                I think the first one might be the better game. The second has too many randomly generated maps. Still a whole lot of fun, I just preferred the surface areas with the trees and lakes and stuff to the caves...

                Last edited 02/01/13 6:39 pm

              There's a Pikmin game in Nintendoland that's great!

              Obviously not the real thing but still :P



    Okami Official Complete Works, English translation is back in print. This is easily the best artbook I own so if anyone missed out on the first print run a few years back I'd suggest grabbing it ASAP.

      Man, that wold be awesome. Wish I could grab it, but i have bills to pay

        Yeah, by the time you get it from the US to Australia it gets expensive since it's pretty large and heavy :(

      Will look into it!

      Shit... there were some other stuff I wanted from Amazon but I forgot what it was ._.

        Game books? Maybe Hyrule Historia or the Valkyria Chronicles artbooks?

          Maybe? :P, I was interested in them so it could've been :/

          Just had a brief look at some YouTube video of the Persona 4 art book and holy crud I regret not getting it now! Wait... I think other places sell it and it isn't that rare yet so I can always buy it elsewhere :P

          Anyways, the slowest/cheapest shipping was $10. I think it goes $10, $16, $30 (@scree)

          Last edited 02/01/13 5:47 pm

            I probably still cant afford it

              Seems like it'll be available for a while so there's no rush.

      I can't thank you enough for posting this! It will do nicely with all my other Okami stuff. Next up is that snow globe...

      Book Depository and other sites also have it if anyone was interested!

      @negativezero Are you buying the Persona 4 art book? Do you already have it in Japanese? Any good?

      I'm eally thinking about getting it now but I'll probably go BookDepository since I already placed my Amazon order... damnit! I could've saved some shipping costs :P

      Last edited 02/01/13 5:58 pm

        I got an artbook with P4 for PS2 when I bought it and I'm actually not a huge fan of Shigenori Soejima's artwork, so nope.

      Just bought it from Book Depository. Amazon said there would be a 1-3 week wait to process it, BD was 48 hours.

        Really? Where does it say that o_O?

        I bought it from Amazon so hopefully I don't miss out :/

        Oh man it's cheaper at Book Depository too... damnit @negativezero!

        Last edited 02/01/13 6:35 pm

          When I clicked on the link it said under In Stock "Shipping this item to your default address may require an additional 1 to 3 weeks to process. "

          AFAIK Amazon don't charge you until it ships so you can just press cancel on the order and go somewhere else if you like.

            Yeah, must've missed that. Going to my order page says that too.

            I'm not really in a rush to get it but I definitely want it and Amazon are a pretty safe bet (Book Depository have screwed up on another art book pre-order when they didn't receive ANY stock).

            Hmmm actually I might just cancel it and add in the Persona 4 art book to make it relatively cheaper than buying both (or one) at Book Depository.

            Thanks for the heads up!

    It's been a while, but @shane: Six Feet Under finale spoilers.

    Have you seen the promo that aired before the season five premiere? Mirrors the last scene with a little bit of foreshadowing thrown in there too. Holy damn, I miss this show. I think every season had a promo like this too. Amazing attention to detail. I know there's a good chance the season was written in full by the time it even aired on HBO, but still very cool!

      ... wow. That was totally incredible. Fucking amazing. Thanks so much for sharing it :)

      (And yeah, it was all made prior to airing. Certainly all written anyways!)

        The production values of that ad rival some TV shows in entirety! :D

          There really are no words to describe how cool that was... there are just no words :D

            *turns on pretentious film student mode*

            So much symbolism!

    MQFT by proxy of me for Aleph.

    Y or N.

      Was going to buy them from the Converse store, but they don't have any in the styles/sizes I want/need. Will continue looking.
      This'll bring me up to... 7 pairs of footwear?

      I think I'm secretly a woman.

        I've got two pairs, my trusty black nikes and my trusty black-and-white converses. One pair too many. :P

        Last edited 02/01/13 9:23 pm

    Just realised that the 14th and final book of The Wheel of Time is out next week. I started reading the series almost exactly 19 years ago (I remember because we had just moved cities and I spent the summer holidays in a grotty rental place and it was really hot and I spent the whole time reading it)

    Feels strange (Hi @strange) for it to be ending. But I'm kind of excited.

    You know what would make me even more excited though? If that RPG collaboration between the guys who have the video game rights and Obsidian got off the ground. The idea of a Wheel of Time RPG written by Chris Avellone makes me tingly.

      I've never read Wheel of Time, but Chris Avellone and any RPG? I'm on board!

      Ooh! Thanks for mentioning me, I didn't know this! I haven't read any of the Sanderson ones yet but I got Amazon credit for Christmas so I should catch up now. :)

        The terrible reality is that Sanderson is a better writer than Robert Jordan was. Reading his two so far was revelatory - it was like going back to the early WoT books where everything was tight and well written and stuff is constantly happening.

          Good to know.
          I grabbed The Gathering Storm earlier. $12.95 for each book in the series on Kindle still is a frustrating price though.

      I read up to book 6 and decided to abandon the series. I just wasn't enjoying the characters at all and the whole thing felt increadibly sexist to both genders. First book in the series was pretty awesome though.

        Pretty sure if it's towards both genders it's equality, not sexism. ;P

        I do agree that the first book was probably one of the best though.

        It really lost cohesion about that point as well. The low point for the whole series was around the 8th book where literally nothing happens. Everyone just dicks around and things get reset back to where they were before. Then he finally started to get things moving again, only to get blood cancer and die. :(

      Holy cow, I had no idea that was coming out. Thanks man. I own them all, but have only read as far as book ten, I think... and that was a damn long time ago.

      Back to the start for me :\

    Gumtree has to be the ultimate troll site, the things I want are in different states and I would never send money for someone to ship it on a insecure site.

    The latter is a non issue anyway since most only deal in pickups anyways.

      i find that on Gumtree most of the items are over priced.

        Gumtree does have a lot of unrealistic sellers on it, unfortunately if your a discerning collector you have to explore all mediums to acquire what you want.

          Yeah, I know. But everything seems to be unrealistically overpriced. I tried to sell an opal ring with the opal worth $300 alone an someone offered us $100. I was like =|

            You were probably talking to a reseller, probably gauging if you were desperate enough for money to take nothing just count yourself lucky that he didn't agree to $300 and try and haggle when he showed up to your door for $100 and truly wasted your time.

            The true craigslist experience -.- thankfully Gumtree hasn't become that bad yet.

              I refused flat out because it was not enough.

    It's a new years miracle
    I finished Darksiders. @trjn will be happy to know that the game that was listed on my very first shameless gaming has now been completed. Just because it took me 4 calendar years to get around to finishing it means nothing, It is now done and done.

      What did you think in the end?

        I did enjoy the game. The biggest problem was I hit a difficulty spike that I couldn't get past (Tiamat) which really broke up the flow of the game. So I lost a lot of the connection to the character by the time I got back into it
        No level really sticks out as being poor to me, some were more interesting but I think they did a good job of breaking them up.

        I thought the ending was really well done
        The arrival of the other horseman set things up for the next one and it was a clever and unexpected way for the watcher to get his due

          I got pretty stuck on Tiamat too. Very hard boss, probably the most difficult point in the game. The dungeon leading up to her was so good too :(

    Now have a shiny hardcover edition of The Killing Joke.

    Funds are now at critically dangerous levels.
    For some reason, I remembered this exact scene, and I started pissing myself laughing. :D

    Had my eyes set on this today, a bidding war destroyed any hope of that.

    Man buying retro gaming items that are Australian retail versions seems be be getting more and more expensive, I wonder when the current gen becomes retro it will appreciate the same way.

    The auction has a charismatic item description also if anyone is interested in reading.

      Edgy cats ready to pounce, eh. That's some hype it's got to live up to. :D Better luck next time, man.

      Was that a PAL one?!
      Damn it! :(

        It's better than a PAL version it's a AUS PAL one, intended for Australian retail making it extra special rare.

          Is that what you were looking for on Gum Tree too?


            No this, a AUS version of the Nintendo club GC exclusive, however the listing is a month old so I'm sure I was way too late anyways.

              Man, reminds me of when I saw one of these in EB back in the day for $20. Literally went back to the car to get my wallet (fate would have it I left it there), got back, twas gone :(

                A promotional disc was being sold in EB Games? man them crooks will sell anything -.-

      Found another one.

      Last edited 02/01/13 8:38 pm

      i could probably ask at GT. Gametraders has managed to get things that can be hard.

    Found Burnout 2 on Gamecube for $18 including shipping on eBay!
    Yay or Nay?

      Oh, man. Wasn't the Steam sales enough for you? We need an intervention!

        I might sit this one out...
        If anyone else has a Gamecube and doesn't have Burnout 2 on any other system, now's your chance to get it!

    Bought Pizza, had to get Sam to look at my bank account and tell me how much I have

    Yes, that's right, I trust her enough to tell her how to log onto my banking online

      Maybe that was her plan the whole time, easing you into a false sense of security so you'll feel comfortable ordering pizza in front of her!

        I actually needed to know if I had enough money to fill my car with petrol before getting to the station and being fucked if I had no money

        But yeah, I hope the pizza buying stage of our relationship stage has been passed

      If spaghett starts complaining about being broke in a couple of days, we know whats going on :P
      Really happy for you man, Sounds like you two are really hitting it off. Should we be avoiding making plans on any particular date yet? :P

    @strange @greenius: Should I be playing The Last Story or Xenoblade first? Given that I will be abandoning whichever of them I choose to play Ni no Kuni at the end of January, and that I'm still only about 20% through P4 Golden so I'll probably continue chipping at that as well.

      I approve of the abandoning to play ni no kuni bit, because everything and anything should be stopped for that game come release time.

        I suspect that like every other JRPG I've purchased in the last two years or so aside from Tales of Graces, I'll play it for an hour or two then get distracted by something else. :(

      Try The Last Story first. I don't think I'd have enjoyed it anywhere near as much as I did if I'd played it after Xenoblade.

      The Last Story.

      I actually think playing it after Xenoblade made it seem a whole lot more meh than it actually is. You're going to abandon it anyway but even if you weren't going to do that for Ni No Kuni you probably would've done it anyway. Strange did, and I did too until I went back to it a few months later for shameless gaming month.

      Xenoblade after Ni No/P4!

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