Tell Us Dammit: Game Genres That You Just Don't Click With

Nobody's suited to every single type of game — or, if they are, they've got a lot more time on their hands than is strictly speaking healthy. Which popular game genres just don't light a fire under you?

MMOs Minus Me

It's shameful confession time. Over the years I reckon I've had a crack at every single game genre going, including some which no longer exist.

But the MMO sits unique in my gaming collection for one very simple reason.

I've tried plenty of MMOs, but I've never really hit that "spark" point where my enthusiasm ignites and I've simply got to play more of it. That "I'll come to dinner when I've just finished this one last quest" moment that so many games are capable of hooking you in with.

I'm not entirely sure why it is; I nearly always end up wandering around randomly slaying X of a particular beast for reasons that don't quite gel with me, or not quite getting the social aspect of it (and I do understand that the social aspect is a huge part of the MMO experience). I suspect there's part of my mind that rails against the monthly fee part as well, although the logical part of my brain totally gets that it's feasible to get value out of that monthly spend far in excess of a few measly dollars.

Still, MMOs and Me. We don't seem to get along, despite my trying.

Which game genres don't gel with you personally, and why?

Note: My use of the word "personal" there is quite deliberate; this is one of those topics that could so very quickly become a hideous flame war. The intent isn't for you to say "This type of game is crap, ner ner"; it's to do with your own gaming experiences, not judging those of others. By all means engage with the non-choices that people make — but keep it civil, please? It's much more engaging that way.


    Racing sims (Mario Kart is great though if you count gokarts on mushrooms as a sim), sports games (again, Mario is the only way I find them engaging at all as I find them incredibly dull IRL), FPS games set in "real" wars etc with horrid screeching online wankers, MMOs because the concept of "loot" does nothing for me at all, most fighters beyond a passing round or two (it's no fun being either outclassed embarassingly or being owned by a masher just as you're actually learning how to perform), games like Farmville and Tiny Tower that have no objective other than just "do stuff, but more" forever and ever while hours of your life fall away uselessly. I avoid a lot of JRPGs as well as they tend to just be time-sucks with nought but impossibly convoluted storylines to show for it - that said I love their design elements. Do Sonic games count as a genre? Because they've sucked for about 15 years now...

    Anything that's not Football Manager

    I just can't play League of Legends. I would, but I'm ultra shit at it.

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