What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The games releases are on a slow uptake that will kick into overdrive in a few weeks, and from that point on, it's not going to let up for the entire year. In one of your last "quiet" weeks, what will you be spending your time playing?

Okay, now I know told you this last week, and, hell... I know even know if it'll be true this week. But I'm really looking forward to finally playing some DmC.

The odds are against me, I'll admit. I'm going to stop into the Sydney GameJam a few times to see how things are going, and there are a few DJs I have to see, whom you can probably discern from my callsign.

And, of course, any time Fieldrunners 2 is loaded up on my computer, pretty much everything else for the rest of the day seems to be a write-off.

But I've got my cheaper, 1080p, 60 frames per second version unlocking on Steam tomorrow, and I've been waiting a long time. I'm determined, damnit!

How about you guys? What will you be getting into?


    Ni No Kuni.

      I thought it was delayed til 30th? Please, PLEASE tell me I'm wrong. I preordered on PSN just so I could have it in time for the weekend, but the receipt email said release was 30th instead of 25th :(

    DmC if things go well, with a healthy dose of Civilisation 5 and DOTA 2.

    I don't plan on being away from my computer for long periods of time this weekend.

    I've finally caught Borderlands 2 fever, so I'll be looting stuff with my friends. I also just ordered Silent Hill 2 for PS2, so I'll be trying to assert my manliness and get through it in one sitting.

    If I get time I'll be playing Sleeping Dogs and maybe finish Borderlands so I can move onto 2.
    But most of my weekend will be boardgaming. Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed and possibly Starcraft (or a second game of TI3)


    With my husband out of the country for a week I'll finally get to play games at night again. Which means I can finally get back to the non family-friendly games I'm in the middle of like Dishonored and Dark Souls.
    During the day while the kids are around I'll keep going with Xenoblade Chronicles and Tales Of Graces f.

      Too cool!

        Even better now that I've found out the Dark Souls DLC is on sale right now. Perfect timing. \o/

    If I get time I'll be playing sleeping dogs and counter strike GO

    The Cave, God of War 3 and XCOM.

    Must finish God of War 3 before ascension comes out.

    Picked up New Vegas Ultimate Edition, so gonna give that a good go.

    Downloaded SSX for free on XBL yesterday (did anyone else score that?). I'll give that a go.

    Probably Civ5 interspersed with Binding of Isaac. I might finally get onto Dishonored, but probably not.

    Walking Dead episode 4 and 5, then Path of Exile for the rest of the weekend.

    Left 4 dead 2 (uncut) modded with velociraptors, better gore, better everything :D also Portal2, Pay Day the Hiest, hotline Miami and farcry3


    Yeah I went to EB's 2nd hand sale....

      I found a new copy in JB HiFI for $10 about a week ago, you'd be surprised what you'd find digging around the shelves at JB.

        Oh damn I paid $14 for copy where the case was so scungy I had to chuck it!

    path of exile and the cave if i get a chance between working and the LAN i have this weekend (prolly hit up W3 against my will, as well as CS1.5, vampire hunter, the specialist.)

    I've only just got my Wii U (since I was overseas when it was released), so I'll continue with Mario Bros and play some Nintendo Land here and there. Loving the Wii U so far! And can't wait for more virtual console games to start appearing in the eshop.

    Strike Suit Zero and if I have time, The Cave.

    I'm hoping to finish Mugen Souls this (long) weekend. On the side I have Pokemon Black 2 and I'm going to check out the Revengeance demo. I'm also hoping to get in a bit of Demon Souls as it came out on PSN this week and as always, try and chip away at my Mound of Shame on Steam.

    Mass Effect 1 (PSN Download) - Infiltrator Paragon!
    Skullgirls with my new Qanba/Sanwa custom fightstick (got to replace the restrictor plate with a new octagonal one I got).

    I have a shit-tonne of Skyrimming to do!

    Wait, that came out wrong...

      The dyslexics in the audience are furrowing their brows ;)

    Got my hands on Final Fantasy 5-9 from the franchise sale on PSN.
    Finally having a go at these after all this time.

    I am 89% in Far Cry 3, so I'll wrap up the Wanted DEAD missions and a Supply Drop before tackling the last 5 missions. Couldn't be bothered with the 40 remaining idols. Still, will be sorry to see it end. It's been a blast!

    Then... Walking Dead on Ipad. Fucking CRAZY GOOD adventuring! I bought the last 4 eps before I'd finished the first. I'm only on Episode 2, so I have a ways. Also, I need to finish AC3, and I'm actually reading the first book in The Witcher series, so I should probably finish Witcher 2.

    At some point I may sleep.

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