Win! 10 Copies Of DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360 Or PS3). Plus: T-Shirts!

To celebrate the launch of DmC Devil May Cry, Kotaku and Capcom are giving 10 readers a console copy of the game along with a swanky DmC tee. In total, 5x 360 and 5x PS3 copies are up for grabs, so be sure to let us know which camp you're in. Here’s how to enter...

DmC Devil May Cry retains that stylish and fluid combat we know-and-love, and this retelling of Dante’s origin story is just as brutal and over-the-top. There are all-new weapons, enemies, storyline and combos. Speaking of which...

How To Enter

Simply tell us in the comments about your real life combos. Time and effort-saving habits or tricks you use throughout the day. Maybe your morning ritual sees you start the toaster with your left hand, fire up Spotify on your phone with your right hand, before taking three steps to the shower to avoid your housemate stealing your turn. What half-demon moves you got?
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Good luck!


    Me and the girlfriend have recently moved out together for her work, and although it has been really hard travelling an hour every day to my own job and getting home late every night the biggest combo (or counter) is when my girlfriends mum stays over every single damn Saturday to 'help out' because she thinks we are struggling.

    You guys have no idea what I have to deal with, this woman makes us both get out of bed early because there is apparently always things to do, interrupts my gaming sessions (don't get much time on the weekdays) to help her with housework and by far the worst part of it all (and I guess what I would call my 'stealth' combo) is trying to have well.. Sex with the missus with her mum in literally the next room over. And trust me, these aren't thick double brick walls! I I can't go through the details and have probably said too much already but I give Mr. Solid Snake a run for his money.

    EDIT: Oh gosh, did I just do an awkward double entendre?

    If you guys help me out and give me a copy of DmC (for PS3!) I promise you one thing, that I will start the game up in front of my girlfriends mum and let you know what her reaction is to the intro! It will be glorious!

    Thanks guys, love you all.

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    Blops2 + Youtube and/or Red Dwarf (iView) + RSS reading + Gmail = Ultimate Time waster combo of Multitaskiness


    Gotta leave home at 6.40am, wake at 6.15. With my iPod in one hand, answering emails, I'm working on making the news rounds on my laptop. My sister packs my bag and feeds me (yes, my sister only two years my junior feeds me) while I'm working. The shower serves as both a place to brush my teeth and read more of the newspaper as I stick it to the glass.

    May I have the game on ps3 please?

    Taking a crap and playing on my iPhone at work. My boss must think I have IBS. (360 FTW)

    wake up
    turn on pc
    play till lunch
    get back on
    play till bed

    oh this is a good one i think. I play my Wii U on the gamepad while sitting outside my bedroom window so that way there I can still be "near" the system, but also outside so that it makes my mother happy im getting some sun. which in Australia isn't a good thing.

    I start by charging my "Power on PC" ability, once that's activated it gives me about 20 seconds to upgrade my armour by finding the shirt on the ground that smells less. Once the PC ability is charged I put the the next sequence of the attack(the password) which then gives me about another 10-20 seconds to spam as many smaller attacks as I can. I use start with my "Urination" attack which is almost always followed with a "Super Hand Wash" attack. By this time my Power on PC ability is almost finished charging it's second stage so I use whatever time remaining to restore my health with "Crunchy Chocolate Milkshake". By this time my PC ability is fully charged, I have increased my armour and maxed out my health, so now I'm ready to use my Hyper Combo, "The Procrastinator!" which will last all day.

    Oh yeah, Xbox.

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    My combo would be driving, singing and texting on my phone all at the same time. Oh wait that's illegal, the singing part I mean.

    Seriously though I shower, shave and pee all at the same time and then as a finishing move I curl up in the foetal position crying like a lost baby wondering why me.....

    Xbox camp here.

    Holding an elevator door open and pushing Mum out of the elevator while she's in the wheelchair.
    PS3 please.

    Ride to work, listening to audio books. Saves on petrol, miss the traffic, enjoy a good story and loose kgs! Find a good pole and chain the bike to it! Guess I'm saving money too!


    Well, there's a little trick I have for putting on a shirt. First I OTG it by picking it up with a low sweep, then I go for the grab reset while it's in the air. From there, I go for the crossup by sliding underneath it, then turn the hit confirm into a 2-hit combo for both sleeves using LP, LP AND THEN I FINISH IT OFF WITH A SHINKUU HEAD-OOOUUUUUUKKEEEEEEENNN HYPER COMBO K.O. PLAYER 1 WINS.

    ...what were we talking about again? Oh yeah. PS3.

    I start off with my BnB combo of... bread and butter before a light hit of orange juice, followed by a 3-hit juggle of the news on TV, the news on my phone and the news on the PC, finishing off with a double shoe slip and door slam.

    My infinite is the head smash, which only happens at work in a corner cubicle.

    When I'm at work (low-level fast food job ftl) and taking orders from customers in drive-through I'm actually on my phone or iPad (if I can sneak it in) playing games. Baldur's Gate is a favourite. More than once I have muttered "Dammit, Minsk!" into my headset. That gets customers confused, let me tell you.

    My finest moment would have been...

    - Set up fortifications, then swap to a low level character in Dungeon Defenders on one PC, preparing it to idle for an hour for free experience.
    - On the laptop, clear a round of enemies except one, rubber band my mouse to constantly weld a door shut for experience in Killing Floor.
    - Set up my usual defenses on a Super Grinder map of the You Monster campaign in Defense Grid on the 360, leaving the controller rubber banded for 45 mins and hope it doesn't lock up.
    - Run my usual 3 minute run killing 24 officers to grind Proficiency in Musou Orochi Z on the PS3.
    - Watch Walking Dead, Season 2.
    - During the 1-2 minutes of dialogue at the end of the Musou Orochi Z run, wandering off to the kitchen to heat up the kettle and cook some Shin Ramyun Black, eating mouthfuls every few minutes while repeating Musou Orochi Z.

    Yes, I have a desktop, laptop, two TVs, a 360 and PS3 in close proximity. Wasn't using the second 360 that day. Despite all this, 360 is my console of choice.

      ... and yes, I am an achievement junkie. I still manage a full time job and look after my kids. Combos like this are commonplace after my 2 daughters go to bed. ;)

    >On the toilet
    >Browsing Kotaku
    >Beer by side
    > Life can't get much better than this
    > It gets better.

    > Am finished - flush and close lid
    > Girlfriend comes in
    > Stops me from leaving
    > Sits me down
    > Things start getting mmm... freaky.....

    > Second girlfriend enters
    > She wants action too
    > Girlfriends start fighting :'(
    > They start fighting me :(
    > Toilet breaks because of fighting :'( - sewage flies everywhere
    > I run away
    > Push girlfriend 1 through door
    > She breaks door
    > She broken too :(
    > Don't stop running
    > Leave hotel room
    > Run down corridor
    > Get to friends

    > Hate my girlfriends now :'(
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    > My girlfriends are my hands.

    Xbox please.

    I'm not good at combos as at all sadly.

    counting the number of days, I'm still employed, I think I've hit a streak of over 1000.

    Ha... I just purchased it today on impulse... I'm not sure I can do two or more things at once anyway.... Yay.

    Time is a precious thing. We don't always have the time, especially as adults, to do everything we would like to do. I grew up with the internet boom. but the last few years, with a job and other responsibilities, I just don't have time to do everything on the internet that I used to have time to do.
    I am subscribed to 122 channels on you-tube. That may not seem like much, but most of these channels output content almost everyday. I rarely have enough time in my day to watch them all, which sucks because I love the content on you-tube. But when I regularly have 20 to 30 new videos a day, it makes it hard to keep up. How to choose? Well, now I don't.

    With the "Watch later" feature of you-tube, I can quickly add a video to playlist for enjoyment later. I add these short videos to the list, and when I am on my tablet or phone, I can watch them. So when I am on my morning routine, getting ready for work, I watch them.
    While cooking toast for breakfast, I am watching. Brushing my teeth, watching. On the short walk to work, watching. I may see the content later than everyone else, and be one of those people with his head always pointed at a screen, but I think its worth it to see the content I love, rather than miss out due to lack of time.
    Some of them are short, 3 to 6 minutes each and easily consumable.

    I speed roll out of bed while stripping down to nothing. I finish my roll at the cupboard and snatch out my business clothes and shoes. Dash to ironing board dropping my shoes near the door. Iron is turned on and all clothes let ready for it to heat. I wall jump into the kitchen and drop toast in the toaster. Evade neighbours stares through my window into the bathroom. Flick on the hot water to the shower, quick attack to grab my toothbrush, shaver and apply toothpaste. Adjust shower temperature to both extremes to increase my resistance stats. Shower, brush, shave, and shower though I had three hands. Dry off with a towel/super sprint combo to the iron. Iron, dress eat. 10 minutes flat. I can tell people know of my efficiency as they stare at me entering the bus.

    When just before entering reception at work i complete the combo by zipping up (if I remember unprompted)

    Xbox please

    Last edited 17/01/13 10:08 am

    Multitasking to maximise my minimal time for entertainment:

    3x 24" screens on my desk,
    Left screen -> Xbox 360 with NHL 13.
    Middle screen -> PC with BF3.
    Right screen -> TV show/Movie/Music

    (On school days) Well I kinda use a cheat code. First, while waiting for dinner to cook, I also pack my lunch for the next morning. When morning comes, I jump up, look in the mirror and say to myself "girls want you!" for motivation. Then I run down the 12 steps staircase (for exercise), to the kitchen, and throw bread in the toaster. While waiting for the toast, I quickly grab the food that I prepared for lunch the night before, run upstairs and put them in my bag. I then go to the toilet, and while dropping the "bombs", I use my phone and check my Facebook, kotaku, and emails with it. After that I go take a shower and also pee and brush my teeth there, and by the time I've finished brushing my teeth, I'm also done cleaning myself. So I grab my bag, put my clothes on while walking down the stairs carefully. Then grab my toast, and an apple, then eat them on my way out! :D

    (On holidays) I get up, turn on my computer, then I hit 1 of my macro keys which will open up facebook, hotmail, gmail, kotaku, and imgur! :D

    PS3 please! And thanks for the competition as well! (:

    During the day I'm usually eating a meal of some sort, while on the phone talking or texting to someone while drinking my energy shakes while dodging peak our walking traffic by sliding and stepping around people.

    Xbox plx :D

    'Sneak in late' into 'hide from supervisor' into 'check Facebook' into 'big-arse coffee' into 'hide from supervisor' (toilet modifier) into 'long lunch' (hair of the dog modifier) into 'oh shit, deadline!' into 'stuck behind the desk, can't make it' (probably gonna sneak off early modifier) into 'caught by' Boss Fight.

    My morning "combo". Simultaneous cooking the perfect bacon and eggs while making my coffee, and reading kotaku on my phone , then bludge off work. games all day -ps3

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