Win! 10 Copies Of DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360 Or PS3). Plus: T-Shirts!

To celebrate the launch of DmC Devil May Cry, Kotaku and Capcom are giving 10 readers a console copy of the game along with a swanky DmC tee. In total, 5x 360 and 5x PS3 copies are up for grabs, so be sure to let us know which camp you're in. Here’s how to enter...

DmC Devil May Cry retains that stylish and fluid combat we know-and-love, and this retelling of Dante’s origin story is just as brutal and over-the-top. There are all-new weapons, enemies, storyline and combos. Speaking of which...

How To Enter

Simply tell us in the comments about your real life combos. Time and effort-saving habits or tricks you use throughout the day. Maybe your morning ritual sees you start the toaster with your left hand, fire up Spotify on your phone with your right hand, before taking three steps to the shower to avoid your housemate stealing your turn. What half-demon moves you got?
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Good luck!


    Some off the top of my head:
    Brushing my teeth with one hand, Shampoo with the other, all while in the shower.
    WiiU SMBU on the gamepad, while watching TV.
    Sleeping and doing classwork/working is a big part of my repertoire.

    Because I've decided to restart my life, it's been one hell of a combo... Juggling raising a son, beating the housework into oblivion (Do the kitchen and 1 - 2 loads of washing every day, pick 1 other room to do. Should take no longer than 45 mins - 1 hour + washing time for clothing), slicing through full time TAFE Adult Tertiary Preparation course last year at four days a week to get full honours (Study after 9pm, its been proven study is best done just before you go to bed), pounding away at a job to earn more money than parenting payments (get a job that occurs on your day off Tafe/Uni AND during the hours your kids at school and BAM, youre set) and FTB allow (always reporting the income and NEVER scamming!), fitting in 3 lessons of Pilates in the mornings a week (Up at 5am every weekday, training) and two of Kyokoshin Karate at night each week (6 - 8pm tues and thurs), cutting my way into University this year to do my Bachelor of Education (Picked a Uni *very* close to home so travel time is very very low, didn't fall for the prestige garbage) and still managing to fit in a half hour every day to procrastinate and read Kotaku (I invented a time, I preload the page in the morning on the home wifi before I go out on the mob phone ;) ) on a day to day basis along with one hour each night gaming with my little boy, be it Minecraft, Borderlands 2 or whatever (Rotating roster of games to play each week decided on sundays usually)... believe me it was one hell of a juggling act and one amazing combo every day of the year, with even more to come over the next FOUR!

    How do I save time doing all this?

    I'm a single parent... we have demonic single parent time saving combo powers!!!!

    360.... please... I can't remember the last time I got to buy a new 360 game because of all this O_O

    Last edited 20/01/13 2:39 am

    Having my kids sleep in their school uniforms. Saves the pain of having to get them dressed in the morning. The less to worry about the better!

    Xbox 360 please....

    A masterful multi tasker one of which involves watching tv,reading and having a conversation at the same time:-)

    While I'm making breakfast I wash towels, make beds, tidy up the house, brush my teeth. Maximum multi-tasking combo's to the limit.

    xbox 360 owns

    Last edited 20/01/13 12:14 pm

    iTouch in left hand, surfing the web. Remote control in right hand, surfing the channels. Cold drink on a table near me, when I get dehydrated.


    Going to the toilet while checking my emails and answering phone calls, sometimes skimming magazines at the same time.. erghh but time is short!
    Xbox please

    getting outta bed on the right side, juggling five kids to eat, dress, hair and teeth, socks and shoes out the door and off to school.... now that takes some half demon moves ! ps3 :)

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    tonight i was cooking dinner, bringing in washing, making choc moulds for a birthday cake and sorting out daughters bedroom all at the same time

    This is my daily routine which includes combos:

    Go to sleep with plastic bag taped to arse so I can wake up and immediately poop.
    Apply pieces of bread as ironing mat so when I finish ironing, I have readymade toasts.
    Nibble on breakfast and curl dumbbells to Florence + the machine music.
    Group-sms to girlfriend and my fruit supplier “Good date yesterday, I’d like another one or two”.
    Naturally I tie shoelaces with one hand for each shoe like a champ.
    Another sms to phone company and fruit supplier “any updates on new Apples or Blackberry?”
    Make way to carpark with eyes closed to catch up on sleep.
    Set GPS to drive through a particular neighbourhood, saving time and oil.
    Throw bag of poop on ex girlfriend’s front terrace.
    Yawn and yell at the same time at co-workers to spice up the day with confusion and drama.
    Last sms to my employer and fruit supplier “It’s about time you increase my celery, boss.”
    End my day with a dance.

    To complete the combo, read the first letter of each sentence to know what dance I do.
    To further complete the combo, read the last letter of each sentence to know which DMC copy I prefer.

    There you have it. Combo-ception.
    Also, my fruit supplier doesn’t like me very much. And I’ve never got a salary increase...

    Last edited 20/01/13 9:03 pm

    Hitting the snooze button 5 times while convincing myself it isn't time to get up yet....and then the SUPER multiplier kicks in.....get in shower, wash hair, dry, get dressed, do hair, brush teeth and out the door in 5 minutes :) PC

    I work as a Chef.

    I put the sauces on the stove to warm them, then light the gas oven, and fryers.

    Fill and turn on the baine marie, and grill, put away the stock then setup for service.

    And while doing that I listen to a talking book. All done and heated within 15 minutes.

    That's my little routine in the morning. Took a while to work out the perfect combo.

    My little version of ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A.


    All the usuals, brushing my teeth in the shower...using my phone at the toilet, and apparently having conversations while I'm sleeping!! PS3 :)

    Morning ritual:
    Use a ninja star to turn off the alarm clock. Tumble-turn out of the bed, landing in a crouch – avoiding the laser beam activated at 1.3metres. Exit the room with a cartwheel. Half round kick to get the bathroom door open (hands are busy getting shirt on) with Sirri on loudspeaker notifying me of any traffic events for work.

    Xbox please!

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    Drink my cup of tea while having a shower. Use the hair dryer to dry clothes that are still damp. Eat my lunch while I wait for the boss to arrive with the key to the office. Copy and paste everything you can!

    Playing my 360 whilst toddler wrangling and breaking up fights with older children requires skill!

    drinking a coffee whilst making my kids school lunches AND talking on the phone!

    Reading Kotaku on my tablet whilst listening to my children. Saves a lot of time and as long as I tune in occasionally, it works well. Also works on my husband too!
    360 thanx

    I shave my face and head in the shower. No shampoo, conditioner, hairdryers, etc. Makes getting ready for work of a morning very fast, which means I can sleep in longer.

    Being a carer for my disabled 64 year old father i've been using this combo for ages which works in every crisis / decision based situation where quick reaction is required :

    Use magic to think of solution, Stall and do not mention solution, blindside with terrible solution, dodge abuse, blindside with even worse solution, dodge more abuse, fire original solution.

    Saves me 10 minutes of having to justify the solution by making all the other options sound worse.

    Thats why im camp ps3

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